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And so you run the risk if you try to trade him of him saying, no, thanks how I'd rather just retire, but you know he'll be he'll be talked about, I'm sure I just think he's he's Arizona all the way that seemed like that. Yeah. When the other guy that comes to mind for me, I make sense is currently injured right now in Los Angeles. Travis Benjamin who seems like his role in the offense might be getting served by Mike Williams for twenty seven, twenty biggest making. A lot of big plays. A lot of teams who need receivers. Benjamin doesn't have a decent base salary, but could it be situation where someone picks him as sort of a big body you can make some plays a as a pass catcher. Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. He's a, he is getting, you know, you can't. There aren't too many. There are too many mouths to feed out there with the chargers. Look at how often they throw it to the running backs to. Yeah, I mean, I think that's that's a good name to keep in mind as Mike Williams is role increases as still rivers is trust and Mike Williams in crisis, which it seems to be doing rapidly. So yeah, he's definitely got to watch out for 'cause ever Seaver market. Like you say, there's teams that are totally starved for wide receiver, and I would do wanna take a shot on people that have had success at the NFL level. Well, someone we're never going to trade already has kind of it's up to me as Dan Graziano. It's always a pleasure to have you on, sir. I work people check out more what you're working on. We, I am going to cover the bears book and ears game and Chicago on Sunday for Sunday NFL countdown. So be on the air Sunday morning from that game. If you'd told me three weeks ago that we would be at bears bucks down, I would've told you or nuts, but it's, it actually is a good game to go. You never know. Never know in this like, and then we'll do our regular overreaction Monday column for Monday. And you know, I have a regular Tuesday column on what we learned this week, and you know, see, never know where I'll pop up wherever they need me and you're on your on social media. So I am Dan Graziano ESPN on Twitter and on Instagram. I just can't get any traction on there. I need some Instagram help. I mean, they get like a field Yates Instagram tutorial or something like that. I would absolutely sign up for that class at Hispanic field Yates that an Instagram tutorial. Yeah, that'd be good. Let's see if we can get that too. I think he's fairly busy, but considered just putting up photos of field Yates on your. Bagram. I've not, but I will now allow sitter that maybe maybe that's the trick, maybe that's it. I got. Absolutely. I will happily back on the show later on in the year we can talk about what we want field Yates far social media accounts. There you go anytime..

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