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Let me start with this. You talked about getting your ma in children's literature so obviously even before encountering this book books and story were very important to you when you. What was a book that you would say are an author are. We can go as wide as we one here. That really motivated you to want to get an ma in children's literature like what was really Your motivation your inspiration. What books did you love so much that you wanted to create stories like that are follow in the footsteps or beyond the shelf beside this author. These types of books. Okay so to answer that question. I'll take you back many years. I won't say how many years many is all the way to a small village in fiji on the on vitiligo which is one of the biggest islands and the on a shoe cain farm so as you can imagine. There's not much to do coupons. If you're not the former. So the books in fiji. They're very expensive. And you don't get many of them but the ones that you do get are generally Added lighten. I'm not sure if you're familiar with ended. Lighten but she's like a staple for kids in the in in britain or she used to be these know stir colonialist narratives but anyway she had books about The magic faraway tree where there were different. Lands on top alpha trees and she had like the naughtiest girl and the melania towers where they would have it was a boarding school stories where they would have midnight feasts and there would be eating like food that i had never heard of pudding and i don't know different kinds of english food that i would never taste right now because i know better now at that time i thought And then i. I remember very clearly that day i found a copy of green gables. Store is australia's used to send their old books to fiji. And i would save my money to the week and then on fridays i would escape from the bus stand and go to the store there on the other side of the city without without permission my dear and we would dig into these bins full of Mostly milton boost like a romance novels. But sometimes you'd find rl stein books if you're lucky or you would get interesting like And of green gables the cover was torn and all. I could see of an where two pigtails red pigtails. So i took it home and i read it and you'd think that a girl in canada she had was living such a busty different lifestyle than i wasn't sure it came from but the way gumri on narrated The love for nature. Though way is she she wrote about the the sunsets and the sun. Bright says the trees and i lived. Fiji's a very beautiful place..

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