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I'm more delicious. Fruit cake jordan's more venomous grass snake snake's venomous book guy with it. Well what a couple of weeks. It has been viper votes. Clifftops policemen happy places public votes. Jeff then there were those hideous eating trials where all sorts of fatty gelatinous rubbish had to be digested. Yes well down to the davison ben who did picky tease each friday. Now indeed speaking of which scuttling up to the microphone like an overeager cockroach with a questionable moustache. Producer ben guys. I'd like to see that cockroach. Yes comedy cockroach. Sounds like a cockroach so maybe I'm imagining a credit. One of those. So horrible plastic massages. You get in christmas crackers or maybe you don't go because you probably get some sort of like car in your christmas crackers or something but not an faberge hundred masons deluxe range coming up later in. Today's episode. I'm going to be challenging to the actor and former king of the jungle the winner of serous seven of i'm a celebrity christopher biggins i think the moment he threw up on the cliffs he was my widow. He's been absolutely charming. I think he's just handled it brilliantly. As bad people love he laughs at excels and where people come to me for advice. If they're going into the jungle and my advice always be yourself and he is see on the script you've written. Icg age which i feel some some points acronyms become more than that was. You could just misled like you said out loud eddie foot. Gmo age. Which i was bored helps me. Fill the time wasting for jordan. Come out to the also and we should just say if you are listening to this podcast. Contemporaneously have only got five more episodes of celebrity. The final is on friday coming up. Which means ben potentially depending on now. The voting has happened and we're voting to to keep our favorites in the camp. If jordan makes it to the final gene divas. You got five more episodes of this. If jordan comes out before. I get an early night. It's win win win really. I'm i'm fairly relaxed about about everything. Well i had a good old lion yesterday. So i'm feeling refreshed and ready to go for the final five days and looking back. It's been two weeks now jordan on our television screens. He's been in a car. So i don i which is more of a challenge watching it for two weeks or being in the castle but yeah i guess it's time for a bit of reflection. How'd you think jordan has changed since he got into the castle because well it seems long ago now but when we first saw him on that cliff was he was in a very different place to where he is now literally. And metaphorically yes he. It was all downhill from there I or india naught it was actually uphill for jordan. Because he has he has really developed as a person. We love him obviously very much. But i think he has. I want to say he's matured. I thought about saying matured. But then i remembered jeff say pulling finger so maybe matured isn't the way isn't the word but i think he has sort of the way. He looks at obstacles or challenges in his life and what he has learned within in these first two weeks and he he may go no further. Who knows i think he will then when he has. You know a lesser challenge in life. Because i mean. I doubt very much. There are going to be many more opportunities in his life where he's locked in a box with snakes calling him although we have got to do in the spring. So we implant that yet. I think he will go well. I've done that actually. This is a because jordan said on the podcast before jordan sometimes when he's going through sort of difficult life career social decisions sometimes. I do the same with him. We'll we'll phone each other of talk it through jordan perhaps needs needs more talking through. Because he's he's a talker and his job. But i actually think probably. Although he'll i would hope he's still finds me for advice. I think actually he'll be a lot. More self assured and confident as he goes about every aspect of life. Yeah it is is a funny thing. Isn't it because. I think a lot of people and this is getting for the software now which is an we often. Don't get so serious on help us. that's my boss. But we have our moments. I'd say we'll we'll do a penis joke in a minute. Stay with us change. But i think a lot of people say. Oh they'll consider. Change is a bad thing of developing always change. But i think i completely disagree with that. As a as a as a thought process i think changing is what we can order to combat people and i think not only as jordan so of developed himself. I think just being in that environment he as this podcast proves for both of you for for everyone involved we get along with people that aren't always exact like us and i think jordan has once again been flung into a situation where he's with eleven other people probably most of whom are nothing like him on paper. They wouldn't normally go for pint with my our or i mean he'd be making. Tv victoria daba shit but actually big on a level with them and just having hopefully a nice time as well as being starving and being forced to or for awful trials He he'll have learned so much about himself..

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