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Hey till 20 people to go. I need your help 20 people to go to YouTube. Randy Adams Inc. And hit subscribe. That's Randy Adams ink and hits the Scrub Till 20. People watch some of those videos. You're gonna learn. I try to be entertaining. I tell stories and try to educate you and I want you to be owned. You have even playing field. I want you to be able to walk in these dealerships. And see the truth have common sense, while open vision, knowing exactly what's going on and how to handle the situation. I'm Randy Adams. And I'm trying my very best to be. But you know what? I hope that you really understand Proverbs 15. And that's that's my scripture for next year. And it's been my scripture for a long time. Let the wives listen and add to their learning. You are here listening to you Listen to that sales person there in their for profit. They're in for big profit. Who you're listening to You Listen to your wife. She's got common sense. She'll try dinner and tell the truth. Don't tell I've had a couple in here while back and they were buried in the both of their cars. And the guy said, Oh, my wife doesn't keep telling me I shouldn't about this. I shouldn't about that. And she kept saying, Well, I wanted to be nice. I didn't want to argue with you. She knew better, but she didn't tell him. Do we tell the truth? How hard is it to tell the truth? You know, I mean, do we want to meet you along with our family? Do we want to do the right thing? Are you prepared for them to push your button? Reward yourself know exactly where they can close. You. Man, I'll tell you. This is zero interest rate. I never dreamed that it explode buying, But of course, right now we're in a buying frenzy. I mean, houses and cars and trucks and And business and We're acting like there's no tomorrow. I mean, I'm getting myself prepared mentally, physically and spiritually. For a battle Well, the socialist party that got elected. I want to make the decisions. I want a big ahead of the game. I want to make sure I do the right thing at all times. And so I'm hoping that you'll do the same thing. But remember problems 15 let the wise listen and add to their learning. What have you learned lately? You know, Have you learned that you still fearful of walking into a car dealership? Well, maybe you need to go to my YouTube Randy Adams think to subscribe and watch the videos. You know, I mean, our dreams are starts down a path to our dynasty. What's What's your dream? How you prepared for the future? You buying a new car every three years and adding to the being buried to the to the note. Now, instead of being buried 10,000, you're buried 20,000. And you're trying to work out of that. But oh, man, the pride of driving this brand new car. You know, we need to deal with the root of pride, You know, because the root of pride is in security. And in security is really deep in our souls. Water what we lack in horse that void in our life? Where's that hurt? Where is that? You know the problem that we walk through and try to figure out and let me this will make me happy. Well, a vehicle make you happy. Oh, what might be for six months or a year. Then the dig is dirty, and then the payments build up. You get tired of making those payments. I want you to, you know, spend quality time this Christmas. Being thankful What you got thankful your health because I'm telling you, you know the cove. It is real. I mean it and I had it. And if you need to know how to get rid of it, you can call me on my mobile. A three of 708 4789 I blew it out of my nose. I did not let it let it settle in my chest. Good friend of mine. Her ex husband, Um, healthy, healthy guy. He got it. But you let it settle in his chest and he's having all kinds of problems. So if you need to know, best way to blow it out, you know, I mean, there's there's all kinds of ways we gotta stay up. We've got to stay abreast of what we're doing. We got stand on the word. We gotta be the best we can be. And I want that opportunity to you every way that I can and you know, every new level of responsibility has insecurities. You know, we need the confidence that we have in Jesus Christ in ourselves in the word and how we're growing and how we're doing. I mean, Christmas is about. You know a lot of our socialist party. Don't believe it. But man, it's it's about you know, how is he changed your life? He's changed my life tremendously from a taker. So give her Takers? Never happy. Never content just like you know, cars. I mean, you know. Oh, man, I want a different car. Hey, that one's got different equipment. I don't if we look for reasons to trade Why? Because we're not happy. Why? Because we're a taker. Why? Because we can't get enough, but but givers content. I'm content what I've got where I met where I'm going, What I'm doing. Yeah, I might mistake's. Nobody's perfect and I learned and I grow and I wanna be the best and every day we're learning in this car business every day. It's a battle every day. We need to know what's going on in this. This world. I mean, things have changed tremendously of often said that when I got the business sixties and seventies, I thought 90% of dealers told the truth. Now we're down to 90% of them lie. You got to know the good, the bad, the ugly and I know him. I mean, I've got some dealers that I'll tell you. The truth worked away, but you've got to be prepared. Even the good dealers were getting rough. I mean, it takes a million and a half to two million a day to open these dealerships every month. Not just once a year every month. Well, they've got to make that money somehow some way and they're looking and finding new ways every day. I've got a new product that I'll like a bunch its value she'll how many people I was behind that accident on brought off a judge in you the other day. And it was a three car. Paula and I was thinking bold. They all three need value shield because I'm gonna tell you something. There was nothing left of all three cars and if they would own value shield that I can sell, and I'll sell to you. And you know which little over 300 You have three years of coverage. If you have an accident, you get $5000 toward purchasing another car. I get to 5000 I turn it over to you help you get I know the car and then all three of them are going to need it. I'm telling you because their cars were destroyed. It was, but I mean, we're talking about Johnson wrote it Look out road. And I watched the whole thing. And it was hard on all those people, man. It was it was tough. So you know, they need value shell like a sale. Sell it. It's a great new product. It gives you protection for three years. Multi billion dollar company is back in it. And if you're interested, give me come..

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