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Make it make it happen in your practice absolutely absolutely well. This was this was spectacular. I was hoping it would go like this. It really did I thank you guys for sitting down with me. And i'm quite sure the people listening really really got a lot of this. Thank you a ton guys. And i'm supposed to hand it over to greg greg. You're on thank you allen. Thanks for spending the time with us. Send more at the in your influence in the dental world with your podcast on that you and jason do in. It's it's it's fantastic. it's enjoyable. It helps a ton of people so thanks for all your time in sacrifice in energy. That's going in to help of course as well If you if you haven't checked out his podcast. I would suggest you do so It's i mean. I know we've all been on it and we're always open to going on at alan so whenever you need us and want us. This is an episode. By the way there you go. You could have spin off series out of it allen. What is it call. It's called the very dental podcast. Now yes and the name was changed because maybe maybe people need to know the old name. The old name is the lax podcasts and jason. I kind of went separate ways. I took the podcast and he took the facebook group. So i'm i'm doing the podcast alone. Now oh you are fantastic. Not know yeah all right well. Thank you again Thanks to everybody that. Put time and energy end to present so bob and jason franken And amy Jeff ricardo thank you for joining us on this It has been an enjoyable day for me. It's it's nice for. I can actually tune out the rest of the world and actually just be a participant in listened to what everybody has to say It makes me better. It energizes me going forward. So i hope you have enjoyed this day We do have ours. Our regularly scheduled summit albeit virtual that is occurring on october thirtieth in with that one we have our international crowd. So it's fun for us to be able to look at. Who do we want to learn from pick a lot of international people that maybe people here in the states don't know about So we have that to look forward to but i encourage everybody to You know look at the campus scheduled comeback the campus nigga point of coming up and saying hello to us We always encourage that. We'd love to see you on campus So fellas anything to close with jeff. You're always have something to say. Now i just no actually. I didn't expect to have to hear from you again. Be done with you. I always enjoy being with you I you and i were talking earlier. That probably want Really good session would be sort of an outtake version of this whole thing. Let us get on and and have a more blue version of this wine inspired version. I think really well more cursing and nudity only ten o'clock. It's always great to see you all you guys but in particular this spirit community. That's been involved with today So thanks for Thanks everybody will see you soon on campus raking i will added the again. This was a pleasure. If i may say regarding the the virtual frequency you know as a as educators bob said you know he much have it closed environment with the workshop. Because there's this one on one when we lecture at our seminar live he had a bunch of people but when we elect your virtually we cannot see people. And so what's been incredible. And i just like jeff said I get to see greg when he's doing a little seminar or jeff and i normally will give them feedback and i will always see improvement. In their the way they're delivering virtually as well. We've the bell. This incredibly challenging skill of being incredibly careful as to how to convey information. And i will never get no every time that greg has feedback. He says very simply says just teach. We are teaching and when we believe that we can teach you know. Magic happens and i can out thank enough. You know our spirit community for allowing us to come to you and to teach what we feel will make you better than that's my two cents under full. Well thanks everybody for sharing your friday.

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