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About food on the table and warmth homes guy. They don't give a damn about that. What they won't have enough money at the end of the month. Wait a minute. You're telling me that macaroni on the elite lefties in Europe, the Davos crowd that they are what they are. They've hit a wall. They they learned what the limit is. They'd been pushing it and pushing it and pushing it and now they've learned what the limit is. And the people what was the the line Nossa Mel Brooks again when Harvey Korman came up to him. And they were shooting peasants like they were Clay Pigeons skeet in history of the world part one. And it was Harvey Korman that came up to him and warned him that the that the people were rebelling come under the urgent have business said that the people who said that they shake on. I you said it they stink on ice. And and then he yelled poll, and they catapulted a peasant up into the irony shot him with a twelve gauge shotgun a Royal a Royal twelve gauge shotgun. It's what Joe Biden recommends that everyone. Yes. You're telling me they stink on ice. Well, the new revolution. Is here. Time to bring back the guillotine. Beheadings by the aren't there's something or other. They have it right in front of the they have it by the pyramid. The pyramid in front of Louvre. Which is where they chopped all the heads off there in the French revolution. We didn't shop a lot of heads off in our revolution. They did in in there. Also, the BBC warning the world, this is it. There's very little time left final. Call to save the world flop from climate catastrophe is the headline and interestingly the words climate catastrophe in the headline are in quotation marks rather their dramatic report on keeping the rise. Under one point five degrees. Celsius says the world is now completely.

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