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The Jason Taylor interview we can follow me on Twitter by the way at that killed for all of our behind the scenes content from radio row everyone's buzzing though on Twitter right now with this Tom Brady post of him and it looks like he's walking out onto the field in the tunnel and it's a black and white photo and here is gonna be the two takes on this one will praise walking onto the field that means he's coming back to play for the patriots or it's going to be Brady's trying to walk away from the patriots and maybe getting his last glance at the field that he's looking at this is so stupid and this is what it's become now we're we analyze every single Twitter post Instagram posts Facebook post I take not to that that is all we do now is analyze analyze analyze these vague and big US types of posts here's the bottom line we don't know what Tom Brady is doing personally I think Tom Brady is staying in New England however when we get the poles of everyone here on radio road when we talked all these gas some say why would he leave others say Hey with their smoke there's fire so maybe Tom Brady is leaving I think the best thing for Tom Brady let me make that crystal clear the best thing for Tom Brady is the next year return to the New England Patriots and I do think he's going to return to the New England Patriots next year but if he plays elsewhere I got some options leads the Chargers whether it's Indianapolis that would be a bizarre fit and who knows maybe Tennessee takes a stab at it but Hey that's a speculation with the Brady game and I do think he's playing into the social media posts as well he's become pretty savvy with those social media posts we come back on radio road Adam Thielen is going to join us you don't want to miss it right here on the Zakk guild show on CBS sports radio interesting creature.

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