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Attorney to look into all this. We've not had one report from him over the last six months since he's been on the job. So take all that. And then add into the fact that rod Rosenstein was a no show this week and Glenn Simpson. Simpson's taking the fifth on Tuesday. That is the thing that frustrates me. And more importantly, frustrate you in the media, and those people across this great country. Who want to know, exactly? What happened? All right. Then. Of course is Jim Jordan, speaking out about Russia gate is now beginning to get very very clear that there's a massive cover up going on rod Rosenstein now has four people that have identified him as saying that he wanted to wear a wire against the president of the United States of America in the hopes that they could somehow use that tool in bulk the twenty fifth amendment. And then of course, he decided he doesn't want to testify under oath even in a recorded session, which is what they normally do a before congress last week, and he doesn't show up all the information that has been subpoenaed now the obstruction continues, and you just heard Jim Jordan articulate with that is that means the Fiso warrants. The three o two's gang of eight information. We have Representative John Ratcliffe talking about fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson. Well, he's now saying and indicated he's gonna plead the fifth he's not saying a word anymore. He was on Fox News. Sunday, telling Maria Berta Romo that Glenn Simpson is in real legal jeopardy in all of this. He also confirmed that the FBI has evidence that directly refutes the premise of a trash Trump Russia probe. In other words, that there's Ben and remains exculpatory evidence was a great piece by Jonathan Turley, the three reasons Muller may not charge Trump with obstruction apparently is not asking any questions about it. But sticking exclusively to whether or not there was any type of collusion, which we all know the answer to you have one top Republican lawmaker now saying the FBI failed to provide a federal surveillance court with important evidence. Well, we've done that now for a long time, and we know that four or five court judges or handed information that was supposed to be verified in corroborated ended up being Hillary Clinton's bought and paid for Russian lies that was put together by fusion GPS, interestingly funneled money through Perkins. Kuria law firm the hiring. Chris Christopher Steele, a foreign national. He doesn't even stand by the information and the dossier. And it was the bulk of information to get four or five warrants against the Trump campaign associate in the lead up to the two thousand sixteen race all of this comes down to some simple, basic, fundamental things. And they never told the FIS judges that it was Hillary Clinton that paid for this information. I mean, it's unbelievable that this could be happening in this country. But it looks like we're finally beginning to get to the bottom of it. At least I hope so Jason shape. It's is with us. Former congressman now a Fox News contributor, author of the New York Times bestseller, the deep state. We have Victoria Tensing Joe digenova of of Degen tons being with us. Thank you both for being here. Let's start with Jason shape. It's because this is your wheelhouse. And it seems to me that it doesn't matter what congress requests as they seek to do their job of oversight. They're never going to get the information from the department of Justice, and they're not going to get the people. They need. Need to talk in front of them under oath? Well, the hard part about when you issue a subpoena when I was the chairman of the oversight commission. I could issue a subpoena, but the only way to enforce it is through the department of Justice. And so the weight of the paper really isn't worth much because the DOJ won't enforce it tones subpoena, the subpoena issued by congress the name that people need to also familiarize themselves with is Marc Elias. Marc Elias was council Perkins. He was counsel for the DNC. He was counsel for Hillary Clinton. He was counsel for a pedestrian group. He was involved there. This this guy sits in the middle of water, these transactions in the movement of money, and I think more and more you'll start to see his name along with the you know, or and Simpson and all these others. Well, I think the fact that Simpson is now saying Victoria, that was going to plead the fifth and can get away with that make them come in and plead the fifth the idea that they could just threaten to plead the fifth and not have to actually go through with it. I think is important. They should make him show up and in front of the TV cameras plead the fifth. It ridiculous to accept a letter from the lawyers, and I hope Jason you're talking to your former friends and telling them to get them get him in to the congress to take this. And I don't care if they're not going to enforce the subpoena because I think there are other ways to figure out how to do it. You've got a subpoena you subpoena, I need to go. She ate later. You don't say, oh, my you didn't show up, and we're talking trying to work it out. Now, we have to think about you subpoena. And then you say you can't make it one student you make it Thursday. I can't believe there's no cojones. I mean, I'm trying to understand. I mean, the president said that there would be declassification and all the materials that Jim Jordan was just talking about would be unredacted. And we'd have a chance to see the Fiso warns the gang of eight information the three o two's between Bruce sore and Christopher Steele. And how they wanted a funnel that information straight in a Robert Muller's office, Joe digenova, but you know, the idea why do I think even with you, and Victoria is my attorneys that I wouldn't get away with just saying I'm gonna plead the fifth leave me alone now or or not handing over subpoenaed materials to congress. Well, I don't think there's any question that congress has dropped the ball on enforcing it some subpoenas. But let me just say this because this is really important all the names that you heard Michael Sussman Mr. Lyons. Or all those people. They are.

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