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Pressure in the Cabin to stabilize the mother's condition. Nancy Cordes says. Not all planes have medics. Military personnel are being called on to deliver the babies weekend flooding in Middle Tennessee is the deadliest flood event ever for that part of the state. The raging floodwaters that swept through Waverly, Tennessee ripped the homes off their foundations submerged cars. And left behind miles of destruction, Jesse Mitchell says more than 20 or dead, it doesn't still missing President Biden. Signs of Disaster Declaration ws produced time 8055 minutes after the hour, it's time to update the weather and traffic picture and W West meteorologist Christine Edwards joins us She's got Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast, and it's a beautiful sunrise on our Tuesday. What's also going to rise with at the temperature climbing all the way up to 93 this afternoon, not the hardest day so far this summer. That happened in July, however, that he index that humidity it's going to feel more like 100 degrees outside. Now, thankfully dry for today. Wednesday is a different story, increasing cloud cover, marching in from the southeast to the Northwest. What That means for you is that will still climb to a high of 90 degrees Wednesday afternoon, but increasing clouds increasing rain chances. 40% Thursday high 89 partly to mostly cloudy chance of rain and thunderstorms. 40% Recapping the forecast for today. Enjoy that sunshine while we have it high of 93 under partly cloudy sky, he index 100 currently 75 degrees on Peachtree Street. I'm WSB meteorologist Christina Edwards go to come. What's missing from the new Stone Mountain logo, the icon that's left out the reason the governor of Hawaii is backing you to stay home. First. On top of the morning drive, the WSB clue or a carrier sky copter stuck Turnbull. No reason to stay off the roads this morning, but we've had our trouble spots, including this one are flying over as we speak. 85 south right at the bridge of.

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