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His penalty this weekend dr fun tweets and love the game of golf did not bother me at all in fact it made me laugh when nothing else was remotely funny in that round and also made andrew johnson laugh and he should be everyone's hero it did not influence anything other than the emotion of psychotics but sports is full of people who act rationally this is sort of what we do we take instances like this we overreact harshly and strongly to them in the realm of our specific sport and we expect everyone to understand and view it as normal this is one of those situations where out of the context of being a golf purist being someone who's is firmly ingrained and the problem with this is so many of us are going to react strongly against phil because there are just fewer gulf diehards again i will go back to kevin van valkenburgh are espn the magazine senior writer who said one of the whiny takes about this mickelson stuff is the fact that people in golf take this so seriously is why people hate golf a really we spent literally a year as nfl fans and media fighting over whether air pressure and football's was the biggest scandal in sports which is just proof there are a lot more die hard football fans than there are diehard golf fan because to a lot of people in football and i shouldn't say too many because a lot of us looked at that and thought it was nonsense to but for the people that were overreacting strongly it's just proof that there are more diehard football fans and there are die hard golf fan so of course more people are going to take that more seriously than we should then the level of people who are willing to accept this from.

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