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Yeah yeah that's a good question. Yeah we're switching gears completely gone because the body of missing women gabby petito believed to be found grantee national park in wyoming. The fbi says okay. This is the story that has just swept the nation. The search for missing twenty two year old gabby petito had tragic update on sunday with the discovery of remains consistent with the description of the long island woman in a press conference from the craig thomas discovery and visitor senator center in grantee national park charles jones supervisory senior resident agent in wyoming for fbi denver confirmed human remains consistent with the description of the tito were discovered in the senate of the spread creek dispersed camping area in wyoming jones said full forensic identification has not been completed one hundred percent. Confirm the body. Is that of petito. However her family was notified of the discovery and the cause of death has not been determined at this time but they are examining for that. This is such a crazy story. Like it's become i mean people you know very sadly like go missing and get murdered a lot but this garnered such crazy national news. Because they're both like a actually took crazy to watch much instagram's have grown over the last week. Which is so bizarre. But they're like micro travel influence. Well they're not macaroni. More but travel influencers and so like up until recently been documenting their whole journey on social media which is now when you go back so we geely yet eerie perfect word to go back and look at it and i guess there's really no way to know how long gabby has been dead because they were gone for so long by the time he drove the van back to florida and like didn't tell anyone like where gabby was that's when people we don't know like she could have been dead for a while. He was like posting on her social media and have fallen into tick talk with so many people like discussing this investigating on their own edges. I'd say some of these true crime. Obsessed people like our absolute lunatics. And they have no respect for actually. What's going on and it's actually been so weird like see people like making all these videos screaming like thinking that they solve something and like being. It's so weird that is really no like tick true..

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