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And. This was always funny to me though too is like people talk about. Like the Lakers like they just fell off Wei Green retired and I I'm of the belief that if nothing happens the magic. That they'll they'll continue on being in the mix for the I don't think anyone was beating the bulls, but at least would have been in a mixed floor. The title runs for years to come. I. Totally believe that. Charles Barkley would have ended up on the Lakers and magic didn't retire yet will didn't tell site that he thought he was tried at the. People like He. John. He did after magic retired in any kind of fell through but I think the Lakers would have been more willing to throw in a lot more the parents to together. Now now you're talking I mean this is you know obviously it's A. Major hypothetical but now you're talking. Magic. In and bought Sir Charles Maybe have one or two finals against. Yeah. It's Michael, Jordan Scottie Pippen I. Mean I think those would have been classics or even the Conference Finals with the Blazers it. Came back the next year we got blazers in and. Lasers and Lakers for rematch You know there's a ton of things. It's also interesting before the Barclay. Trade. I remember after the Suns beat, they beat the Lakers in nineteen ninety and I got back when sporting news was a thing. got a sporting news preview right as a kid, and they had two sons team in the nineties. They were predicting the suns before they Barkley like they were like, Tom Chambers, K J, Xavier mcdade, like all these guys. And that they were, they were going to be the team of the nineties and Hornacek. Forgot about, Hornacek. The Marley, all those guys they're going to be the team in the nineties and then the next year. The Lakers get to the finals and beat the Blazers and then the next year. The Blazers getting the final. So until the Barclay trade, they were kind of underachieving regard well, and I almost blew it completely ninety-three to i. mean they made the finals but down to To the Lakers, the one vist sightsee and. That That would have just been one of the biggest upsets of all time. If got because I think James Worthy they are you probably know this better than me but was James Worthy coming off the bench at that point? He was he was coming off the bench at that point because they had they had Let's see for ninety, three, the dial three and yeah. But but trying to think it AC definitely started. I I don't remember if we're I'm pretty sure where they came off the bench in that series lawyer I they. They try any it's worthy had one of the fastest drop-offs ever like he was he was an all star ninety two, the first year that magic missed and the ninety three it was like he had his bench role. Or part time started part time ventral and the ninety four. Ninety four he barely played. And then he came back for the ninety five Training camp in was like I can't go. I'm. An eight able. It's like that was his thirteenth year. Yeah. That's what I talk about with with players. You know with the medical staff in travel and everything else versus now like a guy like him plays twenty years. Well I think one thing with that. Though is I guess he played finals. Are Locked Yeah like seven times in those things. And then other times you might the conference finals Seasons doesn't sound all that many probably ended up playing the equivalent of of sixteen or seventeen. Just, all playoff games which side which is incredible about. When you think about magic in intake in five years off between the diagnosis and and coming back in ninety six and still being like thirty six years old outgassing, five years and still be good like I. Yeah. Yeah. It wasn't one of the best players in the league but he was he was still really good at that point. You would just think like there's no way. And cream as well. You know like Green Played Twenty Years Albany Finals Naturally went to nine and twelve years. Kareem ended up with eight over that or that period it was basically eighteen years so. That's that's a lot. That's a lot of basketball man Someone is telling us that that like is starting up I'm guessing from ninety three was Nick. Vanik. Lynch Okay Gotcha Gotcha and then Doug Christie Anthony. So and that was Randy Fund. I think was the coach to at the time the because he rent Randy Randy Fund, was the the ninety three coach. He any. He lasted another half season in Johnson Gober and then yeah. Yeah so but yeah, but Nick Nick wasn't on that ninety. Wells Nick wasn't on that ninety to ninety three team you thinking of your thinking of ninety, three, ninety, four it. Was rafted yes. Adele was the star Sydell isn't starter. It was just matter. If And Lynch was the first round pick in ninety, three, ninety, four. For Ninety S, for ninety three. By Christie Appeal. Team for sure they were on the bench. They kept I remember that series that kept fish founding each other. but yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I A man that was that was crazy. Bull westworld courses wanted says. We're GONNA win this year it I mean of course he's GonNa. He's not going to say we'RE GONNA, lose it but then they do come back I ain't gonNA come back off losing I to harm anyway and get in that series ran and the next season the the sonics at the same thing happened to go. Yeah. I, feel like you might see a little bit more of that if we had. Basically with a seven game series, you feel like the best team always wins unless there's major injury or whatever with a five game series there's that chance that. An upset can happen and we we saw a lot of that in in that time period at George Karl on this saying two months or something like that. Until two ballot Nah he's he's got a sense of humor about it now but I think want sixty four games that season he's like man Kim by was to good he said robot I think it wasn't gang fall I've won that game them to coming off the bench. which is something that he just likes to. Go just has game and he and he's playing. Well, it's like sometimes there's not much you can do it so. Yes it's it's interesting. It's a is. Definitely was a team. But. It's another of those examples in the nineties where you didn't have a center except for the Bulls Bowls recounted exception because they had MJ but if you didn't have a center I, want you weren't weren't really in play like the the sonics ran into the candidate and they had nobody that can combat him Shawn Kemp was a power forward but he wasn't really he wasn't really a rim-protector traditional rim-protector big GonNa. Get every single rebound block every shot all of that. That was so important in the nineties and and. DENVER. Had that they had a lot of size and a lot of versatility in and that was a fun series to watch I was mad though because. I DIDN'T ENJOY IT ENJOY UTAH VERSUS DENVER. I didn't enjoy the the rockets versus Utah. I would've I would've rather had seattle you know through yeah. beat the jazz versus the Sonics would have been an incredible series in. I'm pretty sure Hakim WanNa destroy the rockets but still I mean seeing destroy the Sonics still we're good to see that series we'll be back with more pop packed with Nigerians right after this. This next one. Now, this guy was a big college, Playa and he was actually. One of the most famous upsets of all time happened in ninety two but it was a game that didn't really happen. Vapin added Monaco. And this guy, this guy was the point off the team that upset the Dream Team. The only time, the Dream Team ever lost. And this guy was. Hanging onto the happening Monica, we didn't happen I. Can't remember. But anyway, it's famous because this the. Time Dream Team the original Dream Team lost was the very first game I think I played..

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