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Ryan day, six seven frost, eight Jeff Brohm nine. And I think we're on that. Yes. If you end. Up with Jim Harbaugh at number one. A little bit out of default, even if dantonio and Franklin championships big ten championships, Chris has Kristen FitzGerald and farance have division titles. At the end of the day. I mean I if you were to have one of those guys at number one ahead of Harwood, just kinda seem silly. But I think the debate over who the number to coach in the big ten is really interesting between Tonio Franklin Chris and maybe coming off of a his, you know, his best year. Northwestern package Gerald, I don't think Chris is in that conversation. No, no, no. I don't even know if he's in my top five but I do think dantonio and Franklin almost like opposites a little bit. You know, in how they approach coaching dantonio relatively old school. Not as focused on recruiting more focused on toughness and development. Penn State could utilize toughness in development under James Franklin. They've been very good. But I think a lot of that's been really talented players. And that's that's valuable, right? I mean it's you know you need you need talented players, but. At probably give the edge to dantonio 'cause I just I mean we've talked about it. Do we think Franklin's ever gonna win a big ten title again? I don't think so unless Ryan day is, is the Jim Cooper of Ohio State than no John Cooper. Yeah. It's Jim Cooper John Cooper. But even then I mean Pence. Michigan state has been very good the past couple of years, they beat Penn State twice. I mean they were what seven and six year be Penn State on the road. So. I don't think you could argue I know Penn State was doing a little bit of a rebuild. But. I don't know. I feel like feel like dantonio number two. Franklin's number three. But I really think there's a couple coaches that I am. I've got my finger over the button, ready to move them up Ryan days. One of them Scott frost is one of them, I'm surprised. He's as low as eight. I'd might bump him into the top six. Yeah. Because it's not excuse me. It's not like he hasn't accomplished anything as a coach. He is a national champion coach at central Florida kidding. But, but he did turn them into this powerhouse undefeated team that, you know, one, a New York six full couldn't have looked much better. That's him. He did that. They were they were winless before he came. You can't say oh, you know, he didn't do it with airing he inherited something. No. He was very good. And he was great as a coordinator, Oregon. So. I put him higher. I think he's more accomplished than some of the guys on that list. Locks lease and other guy. I could see things click for him at Maryland, he'd be on my moving up. But and I don't think he'd go on my top five but great great job as an offensive coordinator at Alabama. Pretty good track record overall. I'm surprised. He's twelfth rate. Yeah. Yeah, that's a. I you know, I don't know if I'm sitting here straight face. Lots leased better than this guy, this guy, this guy, but twelve seems a little low. Brel miss someone if he does it again, if he has a third team that continues to progress and maybe pulls off a significant upset. He, he might be near top-five Purdue was, I mean. I still remember first couple years of covering, big ten media days, and like Purdue was like the sadness of the sad. I mean it was just a pitiful program. Now. It's like nobody really wants to play them. Certainly not Ohio State. Certainly not Wisconsin, you know, Iowa when they've had some good wins. Yes. Those those are three guys. I'm keeping an eye on as moving up. Number four gets interesting because I think I would do pet FitzGerald actually an and I think Kirk parents maybe is in that group. I don't know you love Wisconsin sell me on Paul, Chris not going to. I'm not gonna sell us all that good. Yeah, I'm not gonna I'm not going to I. I'm just looking at this. I think it's really hard not to have down Tonio to. What he's accomplished in Michigan state. And when we were having this conversation with Lloyd car about the Loyd card debate the other day. I mean he took a program that eighties nineties other than a little bit of the save and run than Bobby Williams and John l Smith had really been a nothing program for twenty something years, and he made them into a consistent top three team in the big ten and a multiple big ten champion. Even if he's been down to the last three years, it's, it's it is like a career achievements. And you just can't write him off type of thing. Oh well he's, he's on his the way down. I mean, they could surprise like him versus Kurt furnace for me is like an easy choice him versus hall. Chris for me is an easy choice Reid. I think the two that are most intriguing to me where I would go three and four I would go with Pat, FitzGerald, and Scott frost three and four. So you're which should be higher. Yeah, I really do. I think what you did, what he -ccomplish central Florida's shows what is capabilities are as a head coach. And I don't expect it'll be very long before. Nebraska is winning the big ten west and probably winning ten games. Yeah. You gotta think so. I mean that, that west is very open. I still think if Michigan horn the big ten west they'd probably have been might have four three or four titles, under Jim Harbaugh. So it's maybe not twenty seventeen because Wisconsin was really good that your but it's. Yeah. And he's recruiting well, and I think he this, this still blows my mind because we talk about how it's just Clemson and Alabama. Nobody can you know be better than those two. He had Oregon he was the offense coordinator, he wasn't the whole coach but Oregon, let's face it was very much driven by their offense. He had them in the national championship game. That's kind of, like you know, I can't even imagine a pack twelve school making a national championship game right now. I barely can imagine them in the New York six, you know, so it he's a he's an elite coaching mind. And I think I you know you saw last year where they finished four in two to close the season real tire fire to start and that's, that's relevant. But I think this is a year, they jump up to seven or eight wins. And then as you kinda mentioning at some point, it's going to be like ten win year in year out. Kind of thing. I mean, honestly, I think if you took now they play in they put in a much tougher conference in the Pac twelve, but if you were to rank Jim Harbaugh come two thousand ten season with Stanford. I think he's very similar to Scott frost, where you said, look, what he is done in his career, so far, look where this star is true. You know, the trajectory of this star is so you would have them higher on this list of have him eighth behind, especially heaven behind Ryan day, doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me and to have him behind. Paul Chryst Paul Christ's you thirteen years ago, create season. Certainly, but what he had the potential for a year ago, and they had some injuries true. But I mean he kinda really any engineering screwed it up quite a bit last year and his decision making, we have the, the beat right around from Wisconsin. And can we go? And if you were here for the interview we were ten about the Jonathan Taylor against Michigan. How just mind-numbingly wrong that game plan was. Yeah. Now I know you can take every coach and if you nitpick and sale. Well, let's go look at their worst game that they lost. And like, here's what they did wrong. I lost five games. Yeah. I can west. I can't put Paul Chris. Number four Franklin third. He's got the big ten title. He had what three straight years of ten wins, or more to straight of eleven wins restraint top fifteen recruiting classes, it's but we're we're you know, we're coming, further and further into that. Like what does he do without great players? What does he do without saquon? Barkley was without trace McSorley, he looked so average in key moments. I would go hard by dantonio, FitzGerald third. No, I'd probably go frost third away. Then v probably got put Franklin probably Franklin five is he is recruiting, well, people say, oh, he's a recruiter. That's part of what coat and he's got a lot of wins. They had a quote unquote rebuilding your last year and they won nine games. I pro- I mean, Ryan day, Kurt ferns Jeff Brahmin that, you know, were they're all in the next year. Seven eight nine. Yeah. And I don't really I don't need to give Ryan day like this mad respect right now and say he's one of the five best coaches. The big ten I have no idea. We have no idea. He went Reno as an interim head coach. He beats was he part of the TCU BTU, but TCU turn down last year. Yeah. He'd beat Rutgers, Oregon state TCU. I have no idea if he's a top five coach. He's got he's got the program. With them. But it almost if I was doing this at almost like put him in completely just drop them off the list, and say, we're, we're going to find out asked me, again, I guess, in that case is Mike Loxley incomplete complete to he probably is. I mean 'cause I think you look at what they did before I do look at what you were like as a coordinator. What you're like as a coach at a smaller school. It's. It's you know, I think I don't think I'd put him lower than eighth certainly not because you can see. I mean he was in charge of that offense. He was in charge of the development of Dwayne. Haskins. That was really impressive. I mean, the Wayne Haskins. He let's, let's put it this way. He was the coach of the first big ten first round NFL draft pick quarterback in over twenty years. He's really good at what he does now. Is he top five? I can understand where maybe you want to want to wait and see because we don't know we don't know what he looks like in game. We don't know his ability to put together a coaching staff or recruiting class or call plays or you know, avoid what was kansin had where they had a couple of losses and you could even tell them the quotes after the Michigan, because Michigan loss believe their second loss, you could just tell they were like, yeah, the seasons, basically over. They didn't say that. But they you go back and read the quotes it's more or less what they did say. It's like you know you still could have won the big ten it was very bizarre. And, and for them to lose to northwestern for them to lose to Minnesota. See that's where Chris falls off because I think he, he got them a little bit higher than any of the Wisconsin coaches ever gotten. But then when things don't go quite according to plan the whole team falls apart. Team should not have been seven and absolutely. What that running game? So we haven't seen Ryan day avoid. Something..

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