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That another, update a seventy two year old man is dead and troopers with the Florida highway patrol are searching for the SUV that hit a. Starting Kim Montas tells us it happened around five AM today on enterprise road near orange. City we're really looking for anybody who knows of somebody who has a Golder Chevy suburban and maybe that vehicle now has front damage or now that vehicles not in their. Neighbors yard, witness telling, troopers a white woman wearing a white shirt and blue jeans got out and checked on the man before getting back into the vehicle and driving off when storms arrived later on the, afternoon a, Mark the eighteenth Dana row that we've gotten rain in central. Florida I keep this in mind last night around, five two homes in Orlando were struck by lightning and caught fire the homes less than ten miles. Apart then we hear. That Boom Bernado Santiago was. Home the owners of the other home were not, there and now it could be weeks before they can return to. It a waterpark ride could be making its way at SeaWorld SeaWorld parent company filed a permit for new project called eight, q, oh the filing reads a bit like a puzzle saying Accua will be located southwest of a beach area to the west of slide attraction and north of an employee entrance that would place it right along international. Drive SeaWorld is already set to open another water. Traction this summer 0. Falls Ray compete on news ninety six point five WDBO or one of the three candidates hoping to replace, outgoing Orange County. Mayor Teresa Jacobs has big plan for forcible, housing rob PANA Pinto says affordable housing goes beyond the homeless and low income affordable housing the. Most this is a tough place for teacher or kid coming out of college to be able to really afford to form a place to rent or buy in the next few. Days Panah Pinto says he'll be unveiling a detailed plan on affordable, housing all three mayoral candidates sheriff, candidates and those hoping to fill commission at school board seats will be.

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