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All right, let's do this. How are you? What the fuckers? What the Fuck Buddies? What the Fuck Knicks? What's happening? I'm mark, Maron. This is my podcast. F welcome to it. How's everybody doing things were. Seem to be. Slowly and belligerently. Opening up here in California. I, guess. If you decide, it's okay, it's okay. Magical, thinking It's amazing that given the small window of opportunity to get a little back to normal without any real information, being dispersed in an appropriate kind of blanket way. Around this virus that just just a little crumb. That, we might be able to get back to some sort of. At least phase one of something. Some businesses opening. It's amazing. How quickly? A large number of people just decide. It's over. It's over. I I am grateful that my industry is. Continuing to be cautious because it's so not over. And just the belligerence of IT I. Get it. We're tired of this the inconvenience the lack of work. The inability to get out and do things. But that doesn't mean you can decide. It's gone and it is. It's amazing. How quickly people? SURRENDER THEIR INTELLIGENCE! Their memory their common sense. When they've had enough. Scary really. How that can be applied. Today on the show. I talked to Joey Pants. Joey Pantoliano. Great. It's great. Got A movie coming out? Called from the vine will be on view de next month, but you know him from everything. He's been in everything. And I know some you may have heard. That, he got into. We'll accident. I tell you. You know I'm feeling okay in this half hour in this process of missing and. Mourning, or grieving or just Lynn Shelton I also want to tell you that there's a beautiful Our longer so tribute that's up on Youtube that her friend Megan did. Called her effortless brilliance of celebration of Lynn Shelton. You can watch that. On Youtube, it's got a lot of the actors and all you know someone from most of her movies, and then musicians from. All the films at did the soundtrack work doing a song. It's a it's a beautiful thing. Her effortless was brilliant to celebration of Wind Shelton. You can find that on Youtube. So Joey Pants got into a bad accident in. You know. Like days after I talked to him night, I talked to Joey Pants before Lynn passed away. And after she passed, he wrote me an email. D Mark that men talking like I'm from. Jersey dear mark. I'm deeply sorry to hear of your unthinkable loss. I only heard yesterday and was devastated for you. We listened to you. Talk With Wind Shelton yesterday looking picture. She was so beautiful she seemed to shine. I'm so glad you found each other and had that special time with each other. I. Don't know if this will help, but I want to tell you an antidote to our talk. A couple Thursdays ago I. Recall at some point talking about the benefits that I've experienced from covid nineteen that I've been spending much more time with my wife and adult kids. Taking long walks discovering hikes close to our house. Well, the following afternoon we ventured out after a long reign Thursday night. Into Friday. It was still drizzling, but the fog was clearing and I love walking in the rain. We were walking to the corner of the main road when a cloud opened and this amazing rainbow just popped out one of those double rainbow, so beautiful I stopped and took my phone did a little video and posted it on Instagram West, in one hundred yards from the corner where I was to cross, there was a woman about to make a left hand turn onto our street, waiting for oncoming traffic, because of the Rainbow Nancy, and the kids have gotten thirty yards ahead of me. The kids had already crossed. The street and Nancy was on opposite. Opposite Corner from me. This weighty sees me and waves instinctively way back. I don't know but I think she knows me from show business. Guess She's happy to spot me. She so happy. She keeps your eyes on me while she decides to commit to. That left hand turn into an oncoming suburban SUV doing fifty miles an hour. The Guy didn't even have time to hit his brakes. T. Bones her swimming her with all that energy into me. I was hit up into the air and threw a wooden three post fence headfirst, EMT, concussion, and ten stitches in my head, torn meniscus, bad shoulder and back. I was a mess I couldn't stand up. That should have killed me. No fucking rhyme, or reason to why didn't? Life? The love and pain agony and the ecstasy of this journey, so few of us are lucky enough to have a dream have the gumption to go after it and then be lucky enough to have them come true. Some of US get to realize of teams. And more you two were kissed by a rainbow. I'm so happy you found each other. And had each other held each other. Loved each other God. Bless you your families and makes you rest in peace. Our family mourns your loss. Deepest Sympathy Joey Pants. I read that. Because I, I've been getting a lot of condolence emails in a lot of support from all of you but I read that because I I was gonna tell you what happened to him. A couple of days after we talk, but I figured I'd put it into that context in. Came in the form of that condolence letter I'm not giving any of you short shrift. You guys have all been great. Thank you so much for continuing to be a checking in on so many people checking in on me..

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