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If only raised about three million dollars from what i recall is age eighteen eighteen now so really like peanuts compared to these ridiculous sales that are going on today and i think they raise them from people who primarily purchased an interest in this future network because they wanted to use this feature network a lot of people might have thought like oh all get rich off of this but these were sophisticated people these were like people who'd been in the bitcoin ecosystem for a long time a lot of them were developers a lot of them were excited to develop on a decentralized virtual machine on the vm and they knew that they'd be able to use it as soon as it was ready if they pre bought the token and then a lot of people used it there was an explosion of mostly not great but you know early early versions of things are never great decentralized app since contracts including the dow including other things so i think you can make a really good case that under the facts circumstances of the either sale your average investor may have been motivated by a desire to get rich but was definitely also motivated by a desire to use the tech and make this ecosystem function and work and become the future contrast that with with somebody buying you know some some guy who's not even got a computer science background doesn't know what blockchain is saves life which is most people and that's fair is complicated who like it's a hot tip from a friend who's in a telegram group to go buy some ex token i'm not gonna name any and then x token raises two billion dollars from investors none of whom know what the hell x token even does like x token might still be real and it might be as a theory but the motivations of everyone involved are radically different than they were in two thousand fourteen now absolutely now let's let's take this in finger little bit about what.

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