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Not going where nobody wants American keeping in Cincinnati. What would a new stadium look like? In the future. I got some ideas just ahead here in about four minutes. It's Scott Sloan 707 100 wlw news about two minutes away on 700 wlw Keep it football related at 9 35. Mr Super Bowl. Rocky Boy menace here from the afternoon show on 700 wlw Bengals lose the most Bengal way of all but But if you watch that drive, the final drive Burrow is The real deal. Gonna be excited if you're Bengal fan watching that going? Wow. Once he gets us together and put this thing together, Just don't shovel put on show. On that we get good. Almost pulled it off yesterday. Rocky on the show Adjustments, you know, on the stadium thing to you Look at Paul Brown Stadium, for that matter. Tickets used what less than Lesson two weeks a year. If you think about it, right Couple preseason games, regular season games, maybe a playoff game in there. Ah, couple concerts, you know, Music Festival you have that maybe some high school football. So a couple weeks at best. And then the rest of the year. 50 other weeks a year 49 other ways here. It's completely empty. What What are we doing here? And that model seem great in 1996 when we voted for this, but Now with Cove it and everything else. You look at the lack of interest for young people go. Hey, guess what? That could be a 40,000 seat dome or 30,000 seat dome, which could be mixed use. Maybe the Reds play there at some point, maybe get the cyclones in there. Where you know the conventions of new Convention Center U. U S Bank Arena is antiquated, so you could get all that under one roof. Soccer team aside soccer one do their own venue. But guess what we're not paying for that paid for the infrastructure, which I'm fine with its. That's why is used to tax money but private interest private development there. The fact the matter remains is what we did in 1996. That is, wow that Zamani will be 18 96. If you look at that business model, because that's never going to be done again, whether they decide to move or not The fact that younger people aren't doing big sports like that, or different things, coupled with the fact that we live in a post Koven world now Yeah, it is A It's a dinosaur is what it is. And the dinosaur has about 10 years left on the couch while six years left on the contract anyway. Brian has the news. When you return, We'll talk about the Bengals loss, or was it Just ahead with Rocky Bloomin Slonim Monday morning 707 100 wlw three receivers left a J green out to the right shotgun snap burrow from the 10 yard line throws for green. Penalty.

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