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But america's trucking network with steve okay with that right back at it i know the clock keeps on ticking so catches up with us here and they're like let me quickly finish up with our comments on komi and take some of your comments because i know some of you have opinions that you'd like to throw out there but this is chris swagger he's the one that served twenty four years in the fbi as a special agent retired from the bureau as assistant director with responsibility over all fbi criminal investigations so nearly a quarter of a century he says jim commes attempted burnishing his legacy has thrust the fbi back into the political arena even as current director chris wray patiently and doggedly tries in the models of the former directors to extricate the agency from this political environment and return to established procedures and processes free of even a hint of bias or grandstanding again the public needs to understand this really not how the fbi operates within today's criminal justice system jim komi and his discredited inner circle in no way represent the fbi and it's dedicated men and women agents may have political or personal opinions but they check them at the door as they leave their homes to conduct the public's business f b i employees serve in a complex global environment many in war zones and international hotspots they provide the most skilled and professional law enforcement services in the world they do not deserve to have their professionalism and objectivity called into question because of the actions of jim komi whose time as fbi director who was an aberration it's very painful for this fbi veteran to say that the komi manuscript with its petty gratuitous observations self aggrandizement and moralizing sadly displays an ego that is loyal first and foremost to its author which would be none other than james comey negga morning ken steve how are you today oh i i'm to conclusion james me as a sick puppy a very very sick puppy steve i wanna take you back when it comes to comi.

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