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Toxics fifty K S T E Rancho Cordova Sacramento. NBC News Radio. I'm d- mutual. President Trump is responding to a Michigan lawmakers call for him to be impeach. When you can't impeach somebody. That's doing a great job. That's the way I've I've probably done more in the first two years than any president any administration and the history of our country. Trump also criticised new democratic congresswoman were she'd had to leave yesterday after she made a derogatory profane remark or calling for his impeachment. Trump said the Michigan lawmaker dishonored herself and her family also called her comment highly disrespectful to the US to leave has refused to apologize. A lot of TSA workers are calling in sick because of the partial government shutdown airport. Security workers have been working without getting paid one union officials said more than one hundred fifty TSA employees called in sick Friday at Kennedy International Airport in New York, deem you chill. NBC News Radio. Veteran. Senator Pat Roberts says he will not seek reelection. When his term expires next year. The Kansas Republican was first elected to the Senate nineteen Ninety-six Tennessee, Republican Lamar Alexander also announced recently that he will not seek reelection to the Senate governor Andrew Cuomo says he reached out to tesla for ideas on how to upgrade the New York City subway system, James flippin has that story during a conference call with reporters while discussing the plan to avoid the L train shutdown that the governor mentioned calling Elon Musk's company the forward thinking technology ventures that Tesla's involved in leaning Cuomo to pick up the phone for what he called an outside the box. Call Musk's tunnel. Building company has proposed underground high-speed hyperloop trains. Governor Cuomo says tesla has some good ideas on how to upgrade the subways crippled signal system mayor Bill de Blasio, at least hopeful about the idea if there's new technology that would fix them faster that could be a godsend to all New Yorkers. So I. I'm very happy. He's asking a south Florida teen is fighting back against allegations that she cheated on the SAT Royo Neil reports from Miami gardens since Camillo Campbell started defending herself other people from across the country have said the SAT accused them of cheating to this test is arbitrary in the questions, but also whether they're going to accept the scores. Attorney Benjamin Crump says Campbell studied hard to boost your test scores more than three hundred points. But the company that runs the SAT flagged those results won't verify them that hurts her application at Florida State University. Chrome says Campbell's hard work should be celebrated. Not questioned Shaquille O'Neal is chipping in to help pay funeral costs for the seven year old Houston girl killed in a drive by shooting. O'neil an officer Kenneth mile gave a cashier's check to cover the cost of jasmine Barnes funeral next.

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