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Is certainly feeling steamy out there today in fact what will happen afternoon high of eighty nine this afternoon which is about average but you factor in the humidity it feels more like ninety nine or a hundred to stay hydrated today we have about a forty percent chance of passing downpours actually still wrapping around Cristobal that's why we had such a tropical air mass in place most of the rain is tonight with a low of seventy seven tomorrow the range is slightly lower at thirty percent highs at ninety there is a high surf advisory to high risk of recurrence today south winds ten to twenty knots on news channel eight meteorologist Leigh Spann the UV index is five right now mostly cloudy eighty one degrees in Saint Petersburg seventy nine in land of lakes and eighty yet your severe weather station newsradio WFLA next update at eight fifteen hi Chris track man and now for your informational cast of players Jack Harris Larry Jacobson Katie Luchino and Natalie are quickly you're listening to A. M. Tampa Bay good morning it's a Monday morning and we got a lot of things going on here still and if you wanna get on board you can call us at eight hundred nine six nine nine three five two we're gonna be hearing Kate Natalie's stories here in just a couple minutes as well as today in history coming up here and then eight forty Felix Vega is going to be joining us and we're going to be talking about the protests and the riots all the other bad things that are happening in this country but right now we're gonna talk about K. long and maybe some good things about traffic Hamas's on traffic center to watch out for some slow going on I. four westbound between the summer connector I two seventy five and we do have an accident in Oldsmar watch out for them.

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