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Let me tell you Craig land that's been the trusted name when it comes to buy pre-owned. And now even in new cars and vehicles ballistic. Did you know that crackle? Andrew will also purchase your vehicle. That's right. No more put an ad in the Craigslist or the bargain martyr. However, you do it these. Days just go to Craig's land or say, hey, I need to get this car. So they're gonna buy it from you could give you fair price. And you know that you can trust them. There's locations all across Louisville either southern Indiana, my friend Jimmy Smith's over there. The ready to purchase your car. Do it yourself with Craig and land or visit them at Craig's best cars dot com. I we're at the bottom of the hour. We're gonna take a short break we will come back half hour to go. We are in full swing. Don't forget. I gave out the phone number earlier four seven nine twenty two twenty two. If you want to book, the Tony Dwight with Haley this summer for a live remote, we'd love to come out to your place. Okay. Haley suggested topless twos. Now, we're going to four seven nine twenty two twenty two is the phone numbers to call that. And we'll get back to you back after this on NewsRadio eight forty W H A S block. Do you wanna learn how to get started making money flipping houses right here in Louisville? If so we have an amazing opportunity for you. We're looking for a small group of motivated individuals to join our real estate investing team, you'll be introduced to our three step system for flipping homes right here in the local area. This is STAN Merrill, star of Annie's hit TV show, flip this house my team, and I are looking for a handful of people in the Louisville area.

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