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So we met Dr immer Sutherland who's one of the senior doctors any department. I can clearly remember when I started the first time we went over three hundred people arriving in the day. And we were so shocked at the volume reasonably recent times have gone having an average of three to four hundred patients turning up day, though, not long ago at their all time record of four hundred ninety patients arrive in one day, that's an awful lot of patients just in just through any just any. She was telling us how more and more people arriving needs to be admitted therefore the Nita hostile bed. The need inpatient care. What sorts of cases does Dr Sutherland say in house not change since she's been at the hospital. So Dr sylvan's Bain consultant any doctor at king's for fourteen years. There's a joke that A N E stands for always and everything, but we do and up with people who are dropped off at the door having been stopped through the heart because of the location of King's College hospital, we fly people in by helicopter who've been in a lorry crashed on on the Kent coast. We have people who caseload that. Colleagues are seeing has changed significantly in the last few years in some ways, actually, the number of people who come through the door isn't the issue because we can have five hundred people come through the door. If they've got minor illnesses or sports injuries. We'll get them all home. What tends to be more difficult day for us can be three hundred and eighty but with lots of people who might be frail older people lots of people who've got lots of medical conditions, so more complex issues are nearly always older people who have four five six things wrong with them all the same time. Typically, a problem with the breathing. Probably rent history of smoking heart problems on Jonah arrhythmia, all sorts of things. I got the early signs of dementia, perhaps depression, which very often related to having one more condition. People become depressed could be cancer career recurring infection, some sort like a UT I yearn retract infection and very often it could be diabetes. How big of a problem is diabetes for the NHS. Ws takes up about ten percent of the Anna chess budget more than ten billion pounds a year. There are more than four million people in the UK diagnosed with diabetes and s between half million in more people going around with undiagnosed diabetes can make site much much worse than very often. Does it can affect your liver function defects, many many parts of your body, including your vital organs, and this people with type one diabetes, but increasing numbers type two ninety percent of the people of the former employee's diagnosed ibex Britain have type two diabetes, which is very closely associated with luby's state. Tell us about the diabetes department at king's. So the diabetes department aat kings is one of their busiest departments. It's one of the regional centers of accents. Oh. Rwandan to the diabetic foot clinic at king's the thing that first struck us was this. We heard a sewing son, the of what cited like a soul being used. And I knew that diabetes leads to I'm battalions of body parts. But usually I thought that happens in an operating theatre it turns out that that is they're actually to help remove the cast that is put on the legs allure limbs of people. So as you came around the cone expecting expect seasonings if I was expecting to see a scene of something bergey on horror, but attorney I actually it was very routine thing going on they were just taking law. Plastic Haas's if someone had broken broken, so one of the many other medical problems that diabetes causes is what they call diabetic neuropathy nerve damage which can affect any part of your body, particularly your your lower limbs. And that's why we end up with more than one hundred people a week in the NFL having a finger a Atto afoot away. Leg. Did you meet in the foot clinic? Clinic, we met the die Bitola gist in jars Dr crash bass at the advanced age of diabetes. It's about saving a life saving limb keeping people alive longer. So severe example, the diabetic foot cost problems for diabetics cost Hannah chests over billion a year, he chose just that over billion pounds year billion over billions year, he said just for that blinding. Liming? Diagnosed with diabetes type two diabetes about chain twelve years ago. We were lucky some one of the patients was very very happy to talk to us. Call Tony Martin on a director of insurance brokers. Landon quake chick social life seventy year old gentleman pay friendly unvarying kind of jovial positive upbeat. Probably drank too much at times and probably should've taken the condition. Much more seriously much early twenty miles actually like a lot of diabetics I've met including diabetics in my family people who didn't realize there were leading an unhealthy lifestyle. But the where. Well, they when I wanted they bring people first nosey into these clinic and see the results of what it can do. But it I think it should be on the level of smoke. And Secondly, he was very keen that he was talking about how not that long ago. The government of the day would run lots of very high profile in your face, graphic companies against smoking warning us, all smoking will do all these terrible things. Go nate. I totally agree with them if h s just put money into diet programs for people couldn't they save billions in the treatments for things like diabetes, actually under the plan. We'll ready. No. It was announced. Racially is going to include plans to majorly expand the diabetes prevention program to bring in programs where doctors will prescribe eight hundred calorie diets for many many weeks enter try and because there's growing evidence worldwide that adopting sort of a fairly extreme diet for. Only even if you months can reverse diabetes.

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