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Unrest in Omaha. I'm Pam, who's Oh Fox News arrests were made. During a demonstration last night near police headquarters. Dozens of protesters took to the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, to demand police released the body cam video of the deadly police shooting of a black man. Police released a preliminary report. Which claims an officer shot Kenneth Jones during a traffic stop Thursday night because police thought he was going for a gun. Fox has Carmen Roberts, according to a police report. After Jones was shot, a loaded weapon was found under his body. The case remains under investigation. There's a manhunt underway outside Milwaukee after a shooting at a shopping center. Eight people were hurt. Yesterday. This woman works at Mayfair Mall. We practice all the time at work for something like this happening, but to actually be in the moment is AH, whole nother thing. Police say the motive may have been some kind of altercation. Preliminary statements from witnesses indicate that the shooter is a white male in his twenties or thirties. Wauwatosa Police chief Bury Webber With less than a week to go before Thanksgiving, coronavirus cases in the US are soaring. Just yesterday, more than 195,000. New infections were tallied by Johns Hopkins University. This as Fizer applies for emergency vaccine approval. The Fizer vaccine will require two doses and will require sub zero temperatures for storage. One company working to help with that is Thermo Fisher Scientific. It is ramping up production of its freezers for Distribution centers and hospitals. Fox's Jennifer Griffin as Kobe cases surge, President elect Joe Biden's transition is still being blocked by the White House, and there are growing concerns that it could delay the vaccines distribution. America's.

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