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A owned their stuff so to speak and it's like you useful ran through the checklist listen like while the this person's cut other head in the right place at their motivations in the right place is it's really beautiful to see so i commend you for being able to be so honest and open about stuff that's kind of to beat to talk about sometimes dainty stephanie down hasn't helped and so nice we are goes where we are goes will mean that the ends bring back down did we it level every year as we do ask if they can shirk its street fights story do you have anything from the wrestling days in high school or or anything like that uh i have i have something from like it's like a beautiful fully a few months ago humans months yes so i went to a is like a i think we're watching a fight it was a person hosted the the fight at their house broker in or over there and i i have my son there and i've afraid that also has her kid there in the host of the party he's a a nice guy but you know he kinda gets a little tipsy will say in it as the night goes on and he gets more more tiffany he keeps being like singh how's it going we know every time i see him you know walk around the corner no and totally provided the party you know he they all the food all the drinks everything you know but um so we are.

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