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I said, I mentioned that it was an obscure fact that I'm sorry. See, now you were ignorant. If it had been if it had been worn by dick champion in one of the pornos that you've memorized, you would have known, of course, dick champion were the munford shirt and backdoor alliance of the World War II porno series, I was wrong. It was actually in Beverly Hills slop. I've ever seen. It was about a roosters. It was Beverly Hills cog. Never mind. By the way, I'm looking at this photograph of will. It looks like he could kill me with he's 6 6 two 80. Not an ounce of fat on him. This guy is ripped. Yeah, tough guy. Kinda looks like Aaron Donald, just huge, but no fat anywhere. Wow. But what a great interview. He's so funny. Couldn't have been nicer, couldn't have been cool. He loves a nice bath. He told us. That was amazing. How would he fit in a bathtub? It's gotta be the biggest bathroom. Even though was there, it was a great interview. Really? Really? And you can see a bunch of these interviews, the mini videos are posted all over the place. And you can get some black tape and put it over kostos. Here's another, this is a really cool one. This is the great Tony dungy who was a very fine player and of course. Wouldn't you call your where you would keep some of your prisoners and your castle if you were a fun captor, you'd call it your Dungey? Watch

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