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Apple set to unveil its new iPhone 15 Pro as it aims to pull out of a smartphone sales slump. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman tells us Apple is also contending with rising taking pressure in China due to a government worker iPhone ban. All of their new iPhone 15 Pros are going to be built sales China in and they have to sell hundreds of millions of those devices over the next couple of years. percent 20 of their sales come from China. So there's really nothing that could be said. Also, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says for the first time the new iPhone model you buy on launch day could be made in India. Apple plans make to the India -built iPhone 15 available in the South Asian country and some other regions. Still, the vast majority of iPhone 15s will still come from China. Well, sticking to the tech space here, Nathan, the IPO for ARM Holdings is described 10 times and sources say bankers plan to stop taking orders by this afternoon, but still plan to price its shares tomorrow. Bloomberg Markets editor Eddie VanderWalt says the decision suggests demand for the chip designer is strong. They supply chips for mobile phones at the cheaper end of the market, but that this is a real test case. For investor demand, broader for tech and for the AI story. And Bloomberg's Eddie VanderWalt says the RMIPO could be the biggest of the year In geopolitics, Karen, Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to meet with Kim Jong -un, the North Korean leader's luxury armored train crossed into Russian territory today. State media in North Korea and Russia both say the two will meet but no official schedule has been released. And we turn to Elon Musk now, Nathan. A new biography shows the world's richest man and often ignored pleas to stop alienating advertisers. New biography from Walter Isaacson states that the billionaire owner of X, formerly Twitter, has a string of wealthy advisors he truly ignores one of those. Warner Brothers head David Zaslav cautioned Musk about his self -destructive behaviors that were spooking advertisers. Futures this morning are lower. S &P futures down a quarter After click on the video links you need to subscribe, share patents. of a percent or 45 points a 10 -year treasury up to 30 seconds the yield 4 to 7%. Coming up on Bloomberg Daybreak we'll have more global headlines plus a check of sports Thank you Karen it's 531 on Wall Street Michael bars here with a look at what else is going on around the world Michael Nathan thank you sir Overnight authorities in Pennsylvania swarmed an area in Chester County investigating a new confirmed sighting from a chopper of escaped murderer Danilo Cavalcante authorities say Cavalcante stole a van over the weekend that was found outside the area where police had been searching for him Deputy US Marshal Robert Clark says he believes they will ultimately be successful in capturing Cavalcante no matter how long it takes now we're going to prepare for the long game and the long game is what we do best the latest images show Cavalcante now clean -shaven and wearing different clothes investigators say Cavalcante who has been on the loose for nearly two weeks went to the Phoenix Villa area where he tried to contact former workers in Morocco the death toll is now at more than 2800 people in the wake of Friday's powerful 6 .8 magnitude earthquake that hit the country's high atlas mountain region sam block the director of emergency response for world central kitchen says their teams are taking relief to areas that are now only accessible by helicopter work a lot of great Moroccan helicopter pilots as well as the food we're bringing up, the majority of the food we're bringing up is prepared by Moroccan chefs and rescue crews are still trying to reach more remote areas attorneys for Donald Trump have formally asked the judge presiding fighting over his January 6th case in Washington to step aside the recusal motion quotes what judge tanya chutkin has said while sentencing some January 6th defendants in one case last year chutkin said a capital rioter demonstrated quote blind loyalty to one person who by the way remains to free this day trumps attorneys call chickens statements inherently disqualifying global news whose twenty four hours a day power but more than twenty seven hundred journalists analysts in over a hundred twenty countries are michael this is bloomberg make thank you michael five five thirty three on wall street time for the bloomberg sports update here's john stash hour right nathan jets fans have certainly their suffered share of agony over these fifty three years that a super bowl this one's really cruel so much hype and excitement over the arrival baron rogers and his debut in that life he took four snaps had to leave an injury jets coach rob salas as he expects the m R. I. to confirm that it's a season ending torn achilles that's likely to end any hope of a championship season with the jets did pull off a come from behind season opening upset win over buffalo their defense held the bills of this three point second half in overtime they forced for josh allen turnovers jordan whitehead had three interceptions jess forston alan fumble for a go ahead field goal the bills tyler bass the tied game with a 50 yard kick but after buffalo went three and out zavier gibson an undrafted rookie took the punt back 65 yards for a game winning touchdown a stunning 22 -16 jets overtime victory salah loved the win but feeling for roger personally i don't hurt for me i don't hurt for our locker locker room i heard for aaron and how much he's invested in all of this um you know so i'm still gonna say i'm prayer still gonna hold out hope uh but uh you know my my my hearts were there and right now nothing and nowhere else we'll see see if the jets look to sign another qv the starter for now once again zack wilson his struggles the reason the jets went out out and got rogers the chief's defensive lineman chris jones ended his holdout yankees and red Sox rained out double header today in boston city city field arizona scored nineteen beat the Mets four to three braves and phillies split to atlanta's matt olson two home runs he's got fifty on the season john stash that with bloomberg sports nathan all right john thanks s &p futures are down three tenths of one percent so our nasdaq futures right now in the dow futures are lower by two tenths of one

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