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But it still works. You know what I mean? It's just so good that it still works anyway. But aside from being a great movie, it also is probably my most listened to albums ear. I actually really liked the soundtrack allow. Yeah, I've listened to it also a number of times, and I like lady Gaga a lot. So I was kind of inclined to enjoy it. But even the Bradley Cooper like country rock songs on they're good. They're really good one of my favorite artists. Jason this Bill wrote one of them. Yeah. All right. So that. Yeah. That's my number six of go back to you. Josh. All right. Well, my number five pick is another Natalie Portman movie, it's a ni- election, the Alex garland Sifi freakout from way early in the year, which I think I saw like February whenever came out, and it was like, oh, this is the number one movie of the year on my list of movies of the year. But but it's it's on my list, obviously. And I think it's just beautiful and really creepy and haunting and very well acted from Neilly Portman and Tessa Thomson Gina Rodriguez and Jennifer Jason Leigh, great cast of women in this movie, and it unsettles you and you never quite know what's going on. But that's what's so scary about it. So I liked it. I read the book, which is very different and is unsettling and creepy in its own way. But I think Alex garland really puts his own stamp on it as a film. That was the first movie I saw with movie pass. All right, which is. Probably will get some type of you know, remember when treatment mine was not turtle animals. Elation was the first episode of piecing together. I was a little disappointed in it. But you know, it's funny as the year's gone by. I have no intention of revisiting it, really. But it's kind of raised in my opinion over the year as I've continued to think about it a little bit. And I feel exactly the same as when I saw it. I thought it was good. But I loved X Montana so much just in the X has definitely. Yeah. So number five for me. I don't know if you guys have heard of this movie, it's called the avengers Infinity. Which is my favorite superhero movie of the year. And like you said an man could have been on there. I think deadpool could have been on there. Everyone loves Black Panther that could have been on there. But ventures Finney Warman everything you want from a summer blockbuster. The the crazy action sequences against Banos are awesome. These super dark ending his fantastic. If they just cut the whole series right now, he's really happy. But I also liked it is like. A well drawn villain. You know, like he's got he's got emotions, and he's got like doubts and fears and all these different things and just just. You know, if this like all the vendors are fun decent. But this one just next level stuff right here. Absolutely. It also did amazing job of balancing so many characters which is ver- that many people. It's pretty it's pretty commendable. Yeah. I didn't like it as much as you guys. Did I thought it was maybe it was like watching a whole season of a TV show in two hours. Maybe a little too much for me. But I agree with what you're saying about the villain. And I thought marveled at a really good job of that this year, which they've done poorly in the past. And that not only does but kill monger and Black Panther and ghost in men in the waspa- all that you can really understand and sympathize with there aren't just this kind of like generic like obstacle in the heroes way. But our real fully realized characters I like that a lot absolutely. My number five is searching, which was definitely one of the biggest surprises of the year for me. You know, I the whole idea of that kind of. Hate to call a gimmick because I loved it so much screen. Yeah. That like when I I saw the trailer is like, this is absolutely movie. I don't even intend to see because of that. But then, you know, saw some good views, and I ended up taking the chance on it. And I mean, there's really not any movies that hit me as hard as this one. I mean emotionally also just an incredibly great mysteries form Ince's. And it uses that whole thing to just such amazing affect in so many different ways..

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