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You're listening to the Jodi Mack show like mom always said it if you don't have anything nice to say they will maybe it needs to be said anyway here's Judy may thank you would be on CBS sports radio we got dead time lab but I got plenty of time to get cold then be they are in college football's there got a couple dollars another Kelly Bryan call MLB stop maps fall behind the nats one photo just hit another home run he homered last night home earlier in the game it's already gained year to lift the nationals two eight three to lead going into the bottom of the eighth so I got some baseball stop that we can cover NFL always been the main topic of conversation all night you a bigger choose whichever one you want to hit me up with do it at eight five five two one two four two two seven Greg from South Carolina is on CBS portrayed by Greg how you pretty good it seems like you stirred up a Hornet's nest here tonight how do you do that charity but your mom should told you and if you don't have anything nice to say certainly don't fit about plans great doily it's correct yes you need to ask him about the mistake you just made but my question is about the baseball hall of fame yes the Veterans Committee your knowledge how far back today go and look at these players who had been nod or simply just overlooked over the years I don't think there's any you definitive time frame I think that day didn't go back as far as they so choose well it's interesting then you would know better than me yes we director and the whole thing I don't believe so no I would think we are garage belong to her thank I would also think that a player named pepper Martin from the old gas health can cardinal would be a surefire hall of Famer now he didn't get in the writers wrote and he's long since passed away our tents throws that they're not as some Hey it looks like there's lately if which is that the players getting on the Veterans Committee have been getting an eighty right that they're taking care of their own that the Veterans Committee doesn't goal veteran which guys have been out of the game for decades if not or an eighty ninety years and the like that takes some serious and significant research to be able to put a guy in the context against the the type of players who is playing it against and how Domini wise at least over the last several years there have not been those type of players who've been added so your pepper Martin Lee duro sure personally and I I like to think of myself as a quiet sigh baseball historian I studied art followed it I don't review it twice a month didn't sit down and go through we stopped that I've already looked at so what I can guarantee their people better right suited to take stances on guys who haven't played in seventy eighty ninety years made by I think I got a grasp on it I think Leo derose sure was a colorful player and a colorful manager and he had some success as a manager I don't think he makes it every manager I don't think he makes it a player so I don't think he makes it to the hall of Famer firming up pepper Martin was in a might certainly more recognized for being a more highly skilled player that Leo Desrochers ever wise so you might be right about that one okay and your meeting last night you the bill right sure you mentioned Ralph keiner yes yes and branch Rickey was the general manager in Pittsburgh for a few years and he wants to what was called operation peach but when the tires since we got rid of the veteran players and out of the bunker youngsters supply that team was the first one everywhere batting helmets and there was an opposing pitcher quite honestly said he did understand why they need the batting helmets because who in their right mind would throw it sub two hundred hitters okay and the third there was a it was still process branch Rickey general managers do they make mistakes sometimes right Baghdad bridge Frankie is most remembered for being the guy who brought that Jackie Robinson into Major League Baseball and really broke the color barrier in the major leagues south you right brain trip Rick you didn't get it right all the time but the one that he got right is probably one of the most significant decisions ever made by an executive in the history of the game but I think he's good Ralph keiner Thomas from miss South Carolina is up on CBS portrayed right Thomas AJ mac hi okay you know getting cut brand but I have a lot of respect for devil Selene in that respect I you know create a culture up there with those guys but given to deal with one of the callers he calls it apple till Kelly brown just stay with the team I won't play you that way when you maintain your red shirt this is my thing you we all remember we travel lawyers got hurt now you think if they go they Kelly we can't we put you in call we promise you we would play you what was the juncture I'm trying to remember what was the game and where would they act in the game when Lawrence got hurt all remember to gain wrapped up my heat up they kill somewhere around the the white we at the end of the first quarter of storms sick or somewhere along there he had played pretty much most of the gang the backup quarterback and and I just cannot flee when you gotta gatt is played the first four games there on your bench and you were called she said okay I'm not call for your Richard so I'm not you Ian and I can't see Kelly Bryant saying Hey I won't go we so therefore if you have we would have played five games I'm sure he will play you play back a step in the right to the V. sitting there is competitive juices of plowing the undefeated season is on the line of code could you ready go I'll put you in if you want to go your call now you put a kid in a real tough spot because it he says will know you promised me I wouldn't play now he's got a face full of teammates on the sideline as they're about to watch the game potentially goal they're undefeated season go by the boards yes that's that's kind of unfair unless they told them you could play with the team but we wouldn't even rescue on Saturdays and we completely take that option off the table of you playing you be a practice where are good don't kid yourself there whole bunch of guys at practice during the week the don't dress on Saturdays could you get all your at so many yeah but you are great at I can see in those with Mariel well you got a key again you will get approved and backed up and you got a kia they can't back up the quarterback it you're not gonna have a re uniform and I understand we're not complete you the list we have no option so I mean that that port their out think brand made the right decision you know for his future and I agree with job thank you the server are you sure that knack can't you see up there celebration in a rain because he did he up the object there well you and I are on the same page not everybody's on the same page what is potential makes the world go round and that's why a to open the telephone lines here on CBS sports radio eight five five two one two four two two seven come back finish it on the phone reduce the vans the bottom of the hour we gotta get CBS sports update in Korea which Johnny pass.

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