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But we're still with you for another 20 minutes or so. So again, the number to call in to get on the air is 844580 wdbo again, 8445809326 That's right. Go ahead. Give us the call right now. 844580 wdbo 8445809326 Andre. Let's go ahead and jump into those three big things of the tech week, though. Alrighty. So, of course, we're going to be starting with more news about some additional radical changes that Microsoft is previewing in Windows 11 that Microsoft is getting ready to end their long standing blue screen of death. Only it's there's still going to be a screen of death. Just not gonna be blue. Just not going to be blue. So since Windows version three, um back in the early nineties, Microsoft has incorporated an air screen that would have an all blue background with white text, which would indicate you what type of problem that you might be having with their operating system. Oftentimes it would include a bug check code or other information that would help and user or a technician potentially be able to better isolate what is causing the problem. But and for Windows 11, which will be Microsoft's next generation of their operating systems, he just announced a couple weeks ago is reported that not only will the login Or the shutdown screens be black in color, but so well the error code screen so instead of a blue screen of death now in when there's 11, there will be the black screen of death. Well, it's kind of disappointing because I don't think I would be able to tell if that's going on right like that kind of makes it difficult. While you'd still see the error bug check code and, uh, of course, starting Windows 10. They would accompany that codes with a Q R display. Richard also take you to a page on Microsoft's site, which would go into details on what might because of the problem and how potentially troubleshoot it. So you'll know if there's a problem if you're doing something, and then the screen just turns turns black with the message, just like you would know if it turned blue with a message, so in a way, it's it's more of a cosmetic change. It's Microsoft trying to shy itself away from what's been along, long known staple in the tech world. Yeah, well, that is something that the the blue screen of death I mean, gosh, it's that's a memory from childhood that haunts me. Oh, yes, absolutely. And it's just something that's just been so part so long part of Our modern pop technical culture, essentially, but here's something rather innovative. That could potentially change the way that we as humans in Iraq with our technology. So at Brown University they have to Thailand. Sorry. Yes. No, Go ahead. Go ahead. It's just where I'm from. I know a few bunch of people that went to Brown. Actually not ready. So then this will definitely have a may have a personal connection to you Press. Uh, So ah, at Brown University. They've been doing a research project. Clinical trials of a technology called Bring Gate. And What does is that It integrates a wireless transmitter. Into a person's brain motor cortex. And the idea is that through that you'd actually be able to control a computer. Just like you would be using a mouse or a point and click essential you'd be using the power of thought. To control a computer system. And so they had two different people who are paralyzed to participate in their trial, using the technology to successfully control a tablet with using similar point and click accuracy and typing speeds. As they would with traditional wired systems such as a mouse and keyboard. Um, so it's uh, very, very interesting and innovative step Into technological control with nothing more than the power of human thought. Uh which, uh, Elon Musk had been working on a startup to test wireless interface. With the monkey of being able to play some video games, But now this is actually a successful controlled trial. With human beings being able to independently control computer without any physical interaction with the device. So definitely, uh, major step in the tech world for sure. And we're all watching to see how this technology will make continue to develop the end evolved. Yeah, that's awesome. Right, and the third big tech topic of the day of recently, researchers have discovered nine apps, uh, that were built for android, which have been download nearly six million times. From their place store marketplace after it was determined that they have been using Some very unscrupulous trap. Uh, unscrupulous tactics to compromise the Facebook credentials of their users. And the crazy thing is that in this particular case, the unscrupulous developers actually went as far as creating fully functional apps, and what they would do is they the apps would pop up advertisements and then pop up to prompt? If you want us to remove the ads and go ad free log into Facebook. And, uh, so of course, several of these APS a majority of them was an app called Pip photo. That was that one was download the most nearly six million times. But the other ones where Processing photo rubbish cleaner in well fitness horoscope daily a plot Keith Locket Master horoscope I and app lock manager. All those were variants of the same malware and have now been removed from their play store. So if you have used or have one of these absence stalled, you definitely want to remove them as soon as possible. And if you logged into Facebook using with any of these apps under the guise of removing the ads You'll definitely want to make sure to change those account credentials as soon as possible, as well as verified that these apps do not have permission to stay connected onto your account. So again, nearly six million people affected by these, uh well, you think you trust those apps, right? You know, you see him in the store. They're supposed to help you with your passwords. In actuality, then you end up being the one second And taken by WHA in while Apple has more of a stringent screening process with apps in their APP store, But with Android, it's more of an open marketplace. And so there's they have less stringent criteria when it comes to stream the absent nine out of 10 times. We don't realize there's a problem with those apps. Until these type of problems come to light, and only then after people of sadly already been affected for that, would that expose end up taking place? And from then, of course, by then, of course, people have already had their accounts compromise, a result. It basically creates a fine line as to what is unacceptable extent of control over electronic marketplace. Versus safeguarding users from potential malicious apps that otherwise might appear legitimate or trustworthy. And as far as this photo, this photo processing apps I mean, they really Went very far too actually. Put all these otherwise legitimate functionalities in their app where it would seem like as if it was a limit a legitimate properly intention, app only for the turn out that they were secretly siphoning off. Data and using this as a ploy to potentially compromise personal information. So of course that will wrap up our three big things in technology for today's show. And, of course of after we have some more callers lining up on the phones, And of course, we'll make sure to get to them very, very shortly. If you want to get your tech questions answer on the year. That's 844580 Wdbo 8445809326. Whilst more tech talk where, after we get to the three big things you need to know in the news. Our lands News and talk Radio Wdbo on AM 5 80 FM, one of 7.3. Now. Now, the three big things you need to know. Three. Scattered showers forecast to be ending this evening in time for fireworks at the fountain at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando and at.

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