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Okay. The next guests, but it's like. Risks. I really our time saying risks is I'm like, it's a it sounds like an echo risks. It's very strange. I don't like it. Anyways. I'm going to be really honest. I might be a little quiet in this next interview. Oh, great. I'm super triggered. Oh. I'm not I want to know everything. But I think it's I'm going to be very I'm I'm judgmental over it. And I'm triggered about it. Well, and speak on that. Because his interesting when I was watching that like a promo video that Tori, had sent one of the couples. I don't remember when it was talking about sister wives. Yes. One of the couples, which one was it basically the same kind of deal, the the potential sister wife and the husband were texting and the wife was reading their conversation. And it basically kind of seemed like they were sexting a little bit. And the wife was like this is this feels like cheating to me. But so in the white in the wife was like, I'm not actually I don't think I'm okay with this was this Dimitri. And Ashley this is not that meet your national. This is another couple. I don't remember her on board is a wife. Well, I don't know how this is the teaser or this season. Can you say the basics of this? This is a guy married to multiple women. It's polygamy right now. He's married to Ashley. But Vanessa is here, and he is courting Vanessa to be the sister wife. Right. But we actually sisters just multiple is legally polygamy is not legal in any state. Right. But so there cannot be another Lake City or Utah. No, they know their thing is actually even stricter where you cannot have a marriage license with another person. But even in Utah. You cannot have another dolt living with you that has some type of marital relationship with you in the same house. So they how do they have these TV shows? Then I I'm sorry. I am so confused. You did you all ever watch big love? No. It wasn't amazingly. Good show on HBO didn't Bill. Paxton core. Bill Paxton he died. I know God bless his soul. He had three wives. And they each had different houses all next to each other. But they were always in fear of getting caught. Being arrested rested. TV show. They've a TV show about this. So the cops can go to their house. They not going on some just I'm super confused. Just so I know where you stand Sara where do you stand on this? I'm like, I'm not kidding. I'm just a little confused. So this man is married to all these women or he's just dating these women. He's married to one word Ashley. And then the whole concept is that they bring in another female as another quote unquote, wife like acts like a wife, but legally is not. So that's the thing. I don't ask them. How do they y Ringling must be a wife. So legally legally, they're not allowed to be stand on this, Michael. What's your stance on it? Oh, I don't believe in polygamy. Why have question for you, though? They're basically just having an open affair, so you believe in closed, doors affairs. I mean, obviously before but open a fair. So we're going to open relationship because he bore consensual. There's on an affair if it's if she agree if Ashley agrees, I'm just being devil's advocate and I'm hunt..

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