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Somebody split a double team with like a simple swim move as easily as he does, bro. He's he has like three moves in sequence that he's not thinking about he's just practicing so much. He's so instinctive that one one move gets taken away. He goes right to the next one. And then the second like he'll win on his third mood. Most guys in the league. You know, they have one Russian mind, and they can't they can't change course, when they get blocked or somebody over sets them. He's got a third one. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he's amazing. That's not how much credit. Do you think? Jeff Fisher should get for. I think he well, obviously, not the Super Bowl, but fish in less did a great job compiling. Talent architect Jeff Fisher's at the end leading veterans who aren't producing walk the. Yeah. Pretty much, but you know, him letting him him cutting me he was the coolest guy to get cut by bro. Like, you know, he calls me. He's like, hey, man. How you doing? Not bad. What's going on? He's like. Yeah. Man. Just going fishing or like, whatever he, you know. He's like what you up to today, buddy. Like has a family like in your like, I know you're cutting me. Right. But I I believe you care. He does. Yeah. Too. Good, dude. And and he's like, so we're just we're going to let you James go. And I'm like any starts to apologize them. Like, literally don't be sorry, man. Like seriously, how many people cut you? And you're like, hey, don't apologize. Awesome. Yeah. Like, his Jeff's a good, dude man, and he has a big heart and one thing he cares about a great deals as players. Yeah. Cut Nick foles to he cut foles two couples. Yeah. Hard knocks fulls. Well, I missed the whole hard. Not where do you think? Nick, foles going go. Is he going somewhere tampering is he goes somewhere? I don't know anything about what's his contract his contract situations. He's probably not going to be in Philadelphia next year. So would you rather go out of the division? I mean, you you never want. You hate playing. Good friends. Yeah. Oh, so he's a really good friend. Who would you rather play against Nick foles or Carson Wentz? Probably probably well when it comes to be a DA question when it comes to being a D N. Can I get the guy down or not is the guy fast? Is he athlete is he mobile Carson's more mobile than Nick. So I'd I'd rather rush against Knicks. Knicks got an anchor hanging from his belt, basically, just like tethering him to the ground. Tough to get underneath that hog. Right. You know what I'm talking about? No dread. The signs hoc. You know, like the signs of the games. Yeah. No, exactly. Our Jim Schwarz's nipples doing question. Could happen. Don't know he always has just like very very erect. Chris. Chris this is what happens it works out a lot. If you watch games at home like me and big cat to do. It will be like one moment from the Detroit Lions game back in two thousand ten. We're gym shorts has like a really nice nipple. And that'll stick in our brain. The yellow fucking. You like underline? Yeah. And then you put your little yellow pad is our brain exactly drink another. You know, what we drink light? Okay. Well, actually that tails nicely into anything. We wanted to get into nicely into another thing you seem to be a big fan of promoting illegal drugs on Twitter, the NFL state. Federally illegal federally scheduling one schedule one. Jaywalk deadly. Oh, yeah. I don't I don't remember the last time overdosed on jaywalking. Okay. Overdose on marijuana cigarette. I would say this. Imagine you're watching your favorite team play and something goes terribly wrong. Like, a a kit gets tips or double dunks. He now either b twelve natty lights deep, and you know, a little bit blackout a little bit irritable. Or you might just forget it happened or you might sure hungry. Good point. Imagine point watch one you break, your TV the other. You're like, whoa. What was that? We are. We're back from commercial. You think this up to pink? Ecommerce ball hitting twice play. It back press play when Peterson ISIS the kicker. All like have you ever watched wizard of Oz yet? Yes. Yes. Did you did you?.

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