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Gregg Jarrett right so we all agreed on Jordan this is a talk show that that was putting on Wednesday so where does this much on I mean it's law professors illegal acts were that he could be great as Greg said the earlier segment if someone like Alan Dershowitz was called he was a Hillary Clinton supporter he's been clear about the president not this not being an impeachable offense Harvard law professor that would be wonderful if still would be like it appropriate for the White House counsel to be there to cross examine him and and yet we don't even know if he will be there so the White House can't answer that question and again I just want to underscore how big of a share in this is that were sent out another letter saying that the White House has got a response by December six about another hearing where they have no witness list they don't know what the procedures will be and yet they're supposed to say whether or not the president's White House counsel and who the name presence attorney will be to a hearing where there's no information about it it is this is the sham of all she can do is what the Democrats have stooped who now at this point last words Gregg Jarrett how do you respond to a witness list that is empty it's impossible and and that's exactly what Nadler wanted he he wanted to blind side the president the White House and Republicans in fact they won't even release Adam ships were worked based on the hearings until the night before or the morning of allowing Republicans absolutely no opportunity to prepare this is the end this is a fundamental fairness and due process and Americans are smart they realize it's rigged I thank you both for being with us eight hundred nine four one Shawn you want to be a part of the program I will take a quick break we'll come back out will get a lot of your call Sydney Powell has an update on Michael Flynn also her reaction to the White House and their response to the house Judiciary Committee chairman and the Ukrainian impeachment coup attempt Jerry Nadler that more your call straight ahead eight hundred nine four one Shawn as we continue the US stock market begins the week on a down note I'm Brian Kurtz president of A. I. P. financial services with your closing bell market report brought to you by Brookstone capital management the US market fell on Monday hit by a downbeat report and the manufacturing sector and a fresh flare up in trade tensions presidents trump said on Twitter that he restored terrace and steel and aluminum imports from Brazil and Argentina he also accused those two countries of devaluing their currencies that spooked investors and the Dow Jones industrial average finished the day down two hundred sixty eight points at twenty seven thousand seven eighty three the nasdaq index fell by ninety seven point it closed at eighty five sixty seven and the S. and P. five hundred index wrapped up today at thirty one thirteen it was off by twenty seven points join me for money matters on Saturday I'll talk with Ken Morris from the society of lifetime planning will be answering some questions asked by our listeners if you'd like to submit a question you can email it to.

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