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I'm sue Guzman. A man who attempted to set off bombs in New York City subways ten years ago will be sentenced today. Prosecutors say Naci Boola Sasi let a plot with two others to send off suicide bombs in two thousand nine he was arrested in New York before he could carry out the attack, and he pled guilty in two thousand ten prosecutors say Simpson is cooperated with investigators into terrorist groups, he is facing life in prison when he sent instant Brooklyn federal court, though today some kids Stratton island. We'll never forget last night soccer practice. That's when a small plane came down and landed on Miller field in the new door section while children were kicking ball around. John Consol VO saw the plane land on the field. Run up in the cloud a little bit. And I guess he lost his vision and everything is site. So I decided to come down. Then sudden you see him coming in like a regular plane the plane had just the pilot on board at the time and successfully came down right on the grass. Nobody was injured. The department of Justice is giving a number of reasons why attorney general Bill bar will skip a House Judiciary committee hearing today. In a statement department spokesman said the main reason is a plan to have committee staffers asked bar questions. In addition to getting questioning from committee members, the department called that inappropriate unnecessary and unprecedented. Democratic committee member Ted lieu of Los Angeles. So says if Bard is not show up action will be taken. So I believe that if we can't work out in other time for him to come. We will subpoena him charges have been filed against a Bronx woman and her seventeen year old son in the fatal stabbing death of Brooklyn boy killed in broad daylight this week cops say thirty eight year old Barbara Galarza is charged with tampering with physical evidence and hindering the prosecution cops say. They that that David Lopez stab seventeen-year-old role Burke repeatedly, and then handed the knife to his mother wake was held a community home for funerals memory of Maryland Qatar, Montana's yesterday, family and friends are still mourning the death of the younger teenager who was killed by a stray bullet.

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