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It would be bigger to me is the senate then if there's only said hey we disagree this okay well can we can we can we move forward to these nba finals i wanna say that i'm very glad right real quick we back again for the nba finals okay and my thing is this from everybody that's listening out here and watch everything or shows all year he's the greatest he's the best player ever he wins with less everybody better from beyond saves you talking about lebron okay going we know i don't even need to yeah i i listened to say his name right they need right i am a fan lebron with the difference is i hold them accountable you can't have it both ways the consolation prize is they will vote him for league in and kevin durant will host the second championship and lebron have a losing record sturt donkin donkin curry and the rent an nba finals tennis finals record right now eighteen to twenty seven it will go to thirty one losses and probably nineteen nineteen thirty one when all soon though and my whole thing is what isaiah thomas who is ten painted for a new job or something needs to stop with the michael jordan hall as it needs to stop the bras all time great you could put them top five that small forward of all time it's okay when he has too many dubious honest though he lost in the olympics he's lost back to back finals twice if i lose four out of five i mean he has the worst record the last fifty years i mean if we go talk about stuff we gotta bring all all this is let me say this right there i hear where you come from but i know you you don't get to come on my show even though you my boy and i love you you don't get to come on my show a lot to the american people you are not a fan lebron james you stop lying.

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