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I felt it was very successful. Some people would like to see. Satisfied you're satisfied. We want to be happy with what we're doing Trump referring to positive meetings and dialogue, thus far speaking before dinner in Hanoi facing pressure at home over investigations into Russian interference in two thousand sixteen election and testimony on Capitol Hill from his former lawyer Michael Cohen, Trump next sits down with Kim for a series of meetings beginning with a one on one session in San Diego today, crews demolished eight prototypes for President Trump's border wall is gene Guerrero of member station. K P B S reports. The structures were built one form construction of the wall. The Trump recently declared a national emergency to fund. The steel and concrete prototypes. Which once stood thirty feet tall crumbled beneath a bulldozer dust, flew into the air, then settled on the ruined Egypt. Justin cassidy-collins has some features from the prototypes were incorporated into thirty foot w Wapping built in this area. It's also going to provide more safety for the agents and then safety for our communities here. The Trump administration said the prototypes were virtually impassable, but KTBS obtained government records showing they were all deemed vulnerable to breaching during testing in one case a quick cited the job for NPR news, I'm Jeanne Guerrero in San Diego on Wall Street stocks bounced between small losses and gains today. The Dow Jones industrial average fell seventy two points to close at twenty five thousand ninety five. The NASDAQ was up five points, the standard and Poor's five hundred closed down a point today. You're listening to NPR news. Pancakey weedy news. I mean, Kim federal investigators revealed new.

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