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From the new variant are emerging outside of Southern Africa where it was first identified This variant is spreading around the world with two cases so far identified here in the UK British prime minister Boris Johnson announced new measures aimed at containing the spread of the Macron variant many countries are imposing new restrictions on travel from Southern Africa including the U.S. we were so slow to act on Delta and the whole world paid such a high price for it Denny Altman is a Professor of immunology at imperial college London Let's try and be forewarned and do it properly this time So I think probably is warranted The good thing is that we have monitoring systems around the world to detect these variants very quickly The World Health Organization's Maria van kirkov Already scientists are sharing research with us information with us so that we can take action Open questions include the effectiveness of current vaccines against amaran and whether it causes more severe disease There has been no indication of that so far I'm Ben Thomas AP news for this Friday November 26th I'm Jackie Quinn a new variant of COVID-19 is spreading alarm around the world and prompting travel restrictions The U.S. Monday will impose a travel ban from South Africa and 7 other African nations with exceptions for U.S. residents trying to get back home more from our Ben Thomas The World Health Organization has named the new variant Alma cron declaring it a highly transmissible virus of concern When European Commission president Ursula von der leyen was proposing activate the emergency brake on travel from countries in Southern Africa and other countries affected Meanwhile financial markets fell sharply around the world the Dow lost more than 905 points or 2.5% while the price of oil fell about 13% I'm Ben Thomas Cases have spread from Southern Africa into Belgium Israel and Hong Kong through people traveling Health officials caution more research is needed into this variant and whether current vaccines will be effective Authorities arrested a man in Nora's town Pennsylvania for fatally shooting a man who was inside his home eating his Thanksgiving dinner The suspect had been arguing with people out on the street a stray bullet went inside the victim's home There was a shooting at a North Carolina shopping mall three people were injured and Durham police say they have a suspect in custody with more expected Shoppers were out in force on Black Friday although fewer in years past when it was a giant event to scoop up bargains In California Christian MacDonald was disappointed he couldn't find the game console He had been looking for The new switch I let in stock but they didn't So I'm just going to go home I guess Music theater legend Stephen Sondheim has died He was 91 years old This is a P news This is disturbing to hear as holiday shipping begins hundreds of FedEx packages have been found in the Woods of Alabama An estimated 300 to 400 FedEx packages were found dumped in a ravine near the small town of Hayden Alabama on Wednesday The blunt county sheriff's office said deputies were sent to guard the scene until FedEx workers could arrive to pick up the packages Sheriff Mark moon said FedEx was sending multiple trucks and drivers from across the south in a statement FedEx said it is reviewing the situation and will take appropriate action I'm Mike Gracia Ukraine's president Vladimir zelensky says that his country's intelligence service has uncovered plans for a Russian backed coup to occur next week allegedly involving one of Ukraine's richest oligarchs President Biden has expressed concern about this potential threat and renewed U.S. support for Ukraine's sovereignty and self government I'm Jackie Quinn.

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