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Putting my notes together for eagles game them. Why you got a TV in the kitchen not at the moment. Well, moving into the living. Okay. Turn on the TV. Put it on NBC sports, Philadelphia. You get to watch what's brewing. PA with the Joe six pack of me talking beer. Oh, okay. So to beer show is on tonight. From northern kitchen. Equipment have very fine. WIP sponsor. Okay. We talked beer we sit around drink beer. Ray? You guys you guys had a good slot. You guys were on NBC sports Philadelphia right before the eagles game last Sunday. Yeah. That wasn't bad. Now that was good. Able drank enough beer that they basically cruise through the eagles. We were. We were in the studio getting our stuff together. I looked up at the monitor. And and they're you and Don Russell were on camera. You were all decked out in your eagles green. Yep. They run every Sunday night every six every Saturday night eleven then they repeated a few times during the week so good. All right. Let's get Russell in here. Russell you're on ninety four WIP. Yes. I thought a great acquisition was Pete Rose. Anybody? During the season though. Wasn't it? With bill. Great opposition. No question. Yeah. Excellent excellent acquisition. But now the the premise is it has to be an in season acquisition. Right. Pete was a winner signing some other people put this on social media. He was in hockey season. But that isn't what we're talking about. Because we're talking about in the baseball season. Now, I remember that was the one where the amount of money they gave him which by today's standards is nothing. It was like one point eight mill for four year three years something like that. With so much that Phillies ownership went to their broadcast partner, which was channel twenty which at the time was Taft broadcasting. That's correct. And said you gotta help us pay for this guy. And they did. Which was a good move all around, but has nothing to do with the topic. We're discussing today, right? So there you have it that was that was really something. I remember that they had had a press conference the Phillies at a press conference like a week or a couple of weeks earlier where they basically came out and said, we can't do it. We we'd love Pete. And we would love to have done it. But we're talking to his agent, and it's just not gonna work out. And they they basically folded folded up their cards and walked away from the table and. It's really funny. I I wrote a column where I ride just ripped them. And I just said I love the old dingy rip combs, man. Once in a while, I'll find whether you you had a good good nasty edge when you want it you could show your teeth every once in a while. Well, what was really funny about it was I mean, it was all the all the other writers were there at the press conference when Giles got up and spoke, and and and I think Rulli carpenters there too, and they all made their case and just can't afford it. And and all of the other writers Conlon, STAN, I mean, all the all the other writers in town Dawson with nobody we weren't talking to each other about how we felt about it. But I I had my own feelings about it. And I went back, and I wrote this column where I just I just ripped the Phillies and just said, you know, this is why you guys are never going to win because you're you're afraid to be bold enough to do the things that has to take to win. And I figured everybody else would say the same thing. And I picked up the paper the next day and everybody else kind of stuck on the Phillies. Side everybody else kind of wrote that well, you know, that's it really is an awful lot. And probably is more than what he's asking for is probably more than the, and I thought what I'm sort of out there on my own as the one guy that really took him to task. And then two weeks two weeks later, they they make this deal and they sign him. Yeah. And I remember Philadelphia magazine wrote a piece saying that I was the reason that the Philly's got Pete Rose how good work, right? Well, I don't think that was the case. But I remember that was one time when I I really broke from the pack, and and offered an opinion that was purely my own and lo and behold, a wound up coming true. And I still to this day believe that the Phillies hadn't signed Pete Rose. I don't think that team would have won the World Series. I think he was that important that nineteen eighty season. So compare and contrast that now, and again, I think that was less than two mill that they signed him for. I think it probably was with you have two free agents out there who are going to draw contracts. Let's just say ten. Years three hundred million dollars. Right. Oh, yeah. It'll be every every bit of that. So set that as as the the bar, the low bar, and you have Phillies owner John Middleton coming out the other day, saying we're gonna spend stupid. And maybe go after both of them. And certainly if the Phillies don't sign either of them, he is setting himself up to be remember when the Sixers like, you know, we're going star hunting, and they didn't right and people thought for like five minutes, they were gonna get LeBron. Yeah. I still don't understand why. But that's what they thought they get Kawhi Leonard. Well, the Sixers managed to do something now. But Middleton is is I hope to hell he succeeds in this as a Phillies fan. Because he's going out there. Basically, he's like a drunk sailor throwing money. Ran a red light district sank come on here. I am. And I'm not sure it's the best strategy in terms of negotiating. But I wish him success. Yeah. This sailor finds his Dayton. Yeah. How he sees certainly painted. The bulls eye on himself by saying this, and look is all you have to. It's just money. All you have to do. All you have to do is pay him. Yeah. It's not like you have to make trade. Now. They're they're all you have enough cigars. All you have to do is go the agents say, what's it cost? Okay. Here you go. And guess what? It's done. I hope it happens. I mean, there are some people out. There are some people think they can do both. I can't imagine that you could do both. But I think the put themselves in a position where the kind of have to do one or the other. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four when you bought your new place your new new house. Yes. Did you is that how you negotiated? What's that? Hey, I'm here to spend stupid. What do you want? Well, the part I got covered the stupid part. I can handle you just didn't announce it ahead of time. No, no, no. That say the partnership that I worked out with my wife is she doesn't negotiating. I do the stupid all the stuff all the stuff that really really has to be done and done correctly. Yeah. Like, the reading the contracts understanding the language, right? Negotiating talking of the realtors gone to the bankers mortgage people. My wife does that. I'm just stupid now. There you go..

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