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It will become more robust. But it's heavily regulated in that regulation limits. The equity matt homeowners can accrue and there's policy reasons for that but in this moment i would suggest that we should revisit those restrictions on subsidized home ownership opportunities with the specific intention of trying to address that gap That was identified in the color of wealth which we can trace back to previous policies and are there any policies or initiatives happening right now in the city that you're specifically excited about well. I was thrilled. Hear that in her mayor. Kim genie increase the down payment assistance. That the city is making available to anybody that wants to buy a home in boston. One of the initiatives that madison park development cooperation house started is providing up to one hundred thousand dollars down payment of to our current measurements. That moves them not just towards homeownership building off of them wealth it moves them toward Owning their homes being locked vulnerable displacement and it helps us free up an desperately needed affordable who's encumbered unity still. I'm really thrilled to see that. The city is looking in that direction and really look forward to continuing with opportunities. All right leslie. Let's bring anthony brooks back into the conversation now anthony. Leslie expressed a minute ago. That there that the homeownership programs in the city while there's some encouraging developments. They're they're a little bit less robust sorta off the top of your head across the mayoral candidates. Where is the energy or the center of gravity around homeownership proposals. So it's interesting. And i'm really glad you got leslie. Read on the show because she really helped me. Think about this in a more expansive way. So hello leslie and thank you for talking to me last week about this and you know in terms of where the center of gravity is leslie sort of helped me understand that it's everywhere yes of course the the. This historically diverse group of mayoral candidates focused on this but as she pointed out so as charlie baker. And i'm gonna just. I don't think i'm going to embarrass leslie. When when i say this is what she said to me. She said who would have ever thought we would be in a moment whereas six foot. Four white republican. We'll be talking about racial disparity in housing. So that's the moment wherein and so that the center of gravity feels like it's..

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