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Y M c. A visit Ryan c A. D c dot org's to learn more and reserve your child's fun this summer. I'm Rob Stallworth w T o p traffic and Let's get the latest on this ongoing reign from Storm Team Force. Lauren Rickets showers continuing to Paul's through the area right now, mainly east of the eye 81 corridor. But again we're Celsius shoot few showers back towards the I 81 quarter that is rain right now. Falling through the northern naked into southern Berlin. But listen, we're going to continue with some rain showers occasional at times when it's not raining, it's gonna be cool. Cloudy and breezy is temperatures fall through the low fifties, so again pretty chilly out there today. In fact, we're running right now, anywhere for about 15 to 25 degrees below where we were this time yesterday, and it's only gonna get cooler into the overnight with temperatures in the forties. We will continue to see some rain showers overnight in an occasional rain showers through the day. Tomorrow. Temperatures tomorrow going to be in the back in the mid fifties and then by Monday, looking a lot better low to mid seventies on Monday. We'll have some sunshine on Monday with light winds Tuesday a few more clouds around but still drying mid to upper seventies and then we head into the upper seventies and lower eighties by Wednesday or keeps and chances of rain around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So amateurs out there right now who 54 in Washington, Baltimore, 52, Gaithersburg and 50 degrees Quantico, 56. I do want to say that's pretty much where they're going to stay there. Romp a little bit every couple of hours. Who indeed? All right. Thank you. Lauren brought to you by new Look home design. Find out why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof.

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