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It's the essential. Oils thing I'm just saying you've made me a. Fan. And now off Hollywood we go for a look at our. Showbiz buzz what's going on man Ben Affleck, has checked into rehab again thanks to Jennifer garner who drove him to a Malibu clinic. Herself now Jennifer reportedly tolerated Benz public shenanigans with a. Twenty two year old playboy bunny but then seeing him order several bottles, of booze for home delivery apparently crossed the line so Jen reportedly made arrangements with. The canyon rehab clinic the next day she. Went over to Benz place to stage an intervention. And he, was reportedly seen crying, in the back of, SUV as they drove off the pictures are all the internet of things I'm thankful that they have. That kind, of relationship you know they have three kids they co parent well. And I think they have a lotta love between the two, of them that just didn't work out so thankfully Jennifer was able to go in there and, have, what could conversation I always. Say this if iron man can make a comeback Robert Downey junior, from the depths that he was in could come. Back anyone in Hollywood Because that that he was almost a lost cause Robert. Downey junior CBS dangled a fifty million dollar contract in front of Jim, Parsons but no the star of the big bang theory that nothing's Entertainment Weekly reports. That Parsons singlehandedly forced this upcoming season to. Be the last one for the big bang theory. It has, run for twelve years, two hundred eighty episodes, almost CBS did try to negotiate another two years with are the principal actors taking home a million. Dollars per, episode but Jim said what no I'm done when you got to. Know when to step aside sometimes you it feels good to, go out on top you know and and they'll come up with something for everybody else but it wasn't it wasn't even a group discussion right he heat will it's about he's the star everybody knows that right can't do it without him and i i think there is something to be said about going out while you're on top he hasn't been in a movie since two thousand sixteen but george clooney still the highest paid actor in the world that's thanks to the one billion dollar sale of his casa migos tequila company according to forbes george earn two hundred thirty nine million dollars between june first last year in june first of this year all but six million of that came from the purchase dwayne the rock johnson settled for second place one hundred twenty four million followed by robert downey junior chris hemsworth and jackie chan jackie chan is on fire all those movies he's been in royalty checks even have to work just wakes up to chain steven tyler is again demanding that donald trump not play aerosmith songs at his rallies back in two thousand fifteen us even as a cease and desist letter sent To Trump after dream on was used during his, presidential, campaign well the latest, c. d. comes after living. On the edge. Was used at a rally, last night in West, Virginia I just don't think. Cease and desist her very effective especially on a political stage like that because you know what he's just gonna keep playing them then he's gonna get in trouble Stop or, I'll say stop again stop you You. Know we'll, see watch, you watch. What happens this story..

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