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Three Three thousand Tom leykis show from the new normal. News room it's news. For guys I'm Gary Dino men's health with a big piece on how pegging is on. The rise pegging is on the rise and it's very disturbing. It is I heard it for the, first time not that long ago by somebody on, the radio and they proudly said they. Did it and, I'm, like dude. Do not, oh yes they. Did this pegging is letting your girls strapped on and do you in. The ass, I mean simply put is a woman puts the thing on air and plunged does do Thank you Is Yeah, yeah they talk all, about, like you, know the prostate knows you, know shouldn't these sensory. Areas I don't give a. Shit nobody's putting anything up my. Ass, right. Right everybody's confused now It's mass confusion Don't Don't do. It please is a simple rule. Here dancers dumb, nude cruising is on the rise as. Well nude. Cruising I would think that it'd be terrible to be stuck with a bunch of nude. People you didn't want to be with. Infact it'd be, terrible be stuck on a boat with a bunch of people that you didn't want to be. With let alone them all being. Nude and you, know this is another thing of, were are nude friends enjoy finding different things to be nudie and then and do whether it's, tennis, basketball, walking, speed, walking, javelin whatever they like when nude people do the javelin to tell you that the lawn dart thing is quite a unnerving and the whole idea of being nude for. Something and now we're talking about nude. Cruising these these people on on these, cruises these Nate -cations are Are absolute Nick Nick. Asia vacation what about nude vacation while those? Two Dacians I. Don't know but if you think, about it it's another another reason to get naked and then you picture it to be something like this, great thing and then you realize. It's not it's a lot of people just look like me and then your belly out. And stuff. It's gross Wadi apt to my stomach It needs to be there is There is however some guidelines there are some guidelines. That you, need to stick to number one you've got, to put a towel down Wayne you sit on a surface because you don't want all that ball juice all. Over everything You have to address. Appropriately while dining they ask you to actually put some. Clothes on, when you eat right imagine this they're saying. It's okay to be out there and have a great time but when you eat please And of course. When you go into port you. Gotta put, clothes on and please no photos no photos of the. Other nude people you know that's great too but I can imagine a lot of people just a lurking and just watching they're like a bunch of voyeurs I mean just the, the idea of doing this. Makes me sick. I, just, picture a lot of dudes, with like nothing on those chick was saggy. Tits guys out there with those. What they're wearing sunglasses are, blue glasses standing, your belly out looking at other fucking weirdos just fucked up finally finally. More nude, in the news a nude woman check out the, list here she ran through a park, naked she was on meth spice yes. And crack and she was running away from a giant giant spider named. For that. You know there's like LSD and math is called like truck right coffee. Or whatever it is, I Imagine, at spice meth and crack any Petersburg Florida and, you're run away from a giant. Spider Okay She.

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