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This billionaire named people teeter so called billionaire is in a a lot of hot water right now with his company, and it just seems like there's this kind of devil-may-care attitude among some of the men who surround themselves. Let's talk about one of those men commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, and Scott Pruitt gone Ross is arguably the most scandal prone cabinet member left, but his scandals have been a lot less hilarious and more complicated than Scott Pruitt's cylinder. I'm going to count on you to make this interesting. And concise as possible. The main scandal seems to be that we learned three leak of offshore banking records that Wilbur Ross continued well into his tenure as commerce, secretary to own steaks and a variety of global businesses that were directly affected by the policies. He was making. He owned a stake in navigator holdings, which is a Russian shipping company linked to allies of Latimer Putin. And then there are other assets that he technically doesn't own any more, but they're in a trust that benefits is relative. So you know, he's still retains an economic interest in them. That includes a major manufacturer of auto parts that's going to be heavily impacted by the decisions that Trump makes about auto and auto-parts tariffs which will be recommended by Wilbur Ross. Linda, I feel like when when Ross was confirmed didn't didn't. He make this big show about how he was divest his financial assets that he can do his job without exactly these sorts of conflicts that we've now learned has. It was a love fest. There were democratic senators who are, you know, congratulating him on being so open and honest. And I think that one of the actual scandals that got lost this week was at two days ago, broths set. Pulled a a lawsuit from one of his ex partners and that he settled because a judge was about to rule that he might have to produce documents about his the financial documents that he handed to the Senate. He did not include this lawsuit in his in his disclosures to the US government. So there's something about his issues with this partner. This nine million dollar lawsuit that was settled for an undisclosed amount that really made Ross nervous. He did not want to appear in court. He did not want to have those documents Cepeda and we know that he's a liar. He has been lying about his wealth to Forbes magazine for as long as there's been a billionaire list. We figured that out when people were like, hey, you said you're only about where two hundred and fifty million dollars in these documents to the government. Are you lying to the government and or Forbes magazine? And he said, whoops, I'm lying to Forbes. He has this amazing Mr. Magoo. Of exp-, you know, being like, oh, it was who was just just silly little mistake or then using financial vocabulary to explain things in a confusing way. So that people think you know, oh, that sound that sounds right. I guess I don't know. And, and frankly, all it is is is a way to confuse an office gate. I also like to add that one time we'll be Ross burp and my face during a conversation. He did not stopping excuse himself. He did not pause. He just went acted like it didn't happen. Well, now it's time for tweet to the week. Sometimes it only takes one hundred forty characters or maybe two hundred and eighty two. Still the spirit of the week, Liz brunette. What's your tweet of the week? Okay. This Rudy Giuliani, he goes, there is a moron on FOX claiming I chain smoke cigarettes worrying about the president's tweets. I don't smoke cigarettes hate me smoke only premium cigars. And I hope this idiot is not a lawyer because if he is he should sue his loss. Cool. He's off that. Can you talk that. I'm going to rich Lowry, poetry, and your top that I'm gonna go with the bench appear. Oh, aforementioned Akhazia Cortez dispute over debate challenge Shapiro challenged her to debate socialism. She reject this challenge and compared it to cat calling and bench. Pirro tweeted back cat calling must mean something very different in queens. Yikes. What's your tweet of the week? My tweeted the week as from Elon Musk, considering taking tesla Platt private at four, twenty share funding secured well two days later, and it doesn't seem like Ilan has funding secured by anyone. It would be the largest leverage buyout in history at about one hundred billion dollars, and it's unclear who has that kind of firepower..

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