America, Vietnam, Congressman discussed on Detroit Lions Countdown to Kickoff


You know cutting his teeth they he he was representing all detroiters not just by detroit mayor i'm at right maverick young black m right on the underwater if you recall after a you're in the military not for black america before all of american garnered vietnam and you know what an ethnic agree with you on our mentioning that because in terms of the fact that book of calls america worth at work we only had four wore black congressman in the us congress when uh congress moc on your first went there and uh and they ended up representing a whole lot more people in their more in michigan entered the congressional district ear i am i stayed much assessments kill me for for as he this but there's the story all that uh that he has decided he's not going to run for reelection next year uh as sort of a compromise uh getting thirty seconds can you can you give me response sure i know first hand knowledge your bad if that is overshooting the congressman himself will have to make that enough and i have no first hand information on that and again opposition right now it's detroit fights back the congress will be fighting back i please let them know we all pray for his full recovery from whatever this is that uh that is putting him in the hospital right now sam okay and thank you frank really appreciate thank you for coming out looks okay wjr traffic and weather first on the fives mark mitchell baggio frank wjr traffic first mas by the salvation army red keddell campaign one accident northbound 75 in dearborn and that's in the left lane seventy five northbound from outta drive to dearborn that is about 10 miles per hour backing up seventy five southbound from rochester road fourteen mile under thirty miles per hour about twenty miles per hour and 94 eastbound from fourteen th street the woodward in the ninety four westbound from van dyke to 75 averaging 25 mas broward you give more than meals and shelter when you donate to.

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