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Monday and Arctic boundary brings in much colder air with high temperatures Monday only in town in low 30s northern western suburbs high temperatures in the 20s wind chills will be a factor both Monday night and Tuesday night wind chills in the single digits to below zero north and west stormy four meteorologist clay Anderson 43 outside our studio is brought to you by Len the plumber Trusted same day service 7 days a week It's 7 21 Four and a half million Americans quit their jobs in November more proof that the great resignation continues so what should employers be thinking about As they try to keep workers on staff It's just kind of the results catching up with what was happening Atlanta army was a professional coach with advice for employers Evaluate what's going on with your people So one of the things that I've been speaking to people that are looking to even be in the job market and are interviewing is what are the things that you actually need now that are different than before And she says bosses now need to understand that the way things used to be aren't coming back and it's time to adapt The old school style of control and fear and dominance and leadership is going away There is only room now for compassion and empathy and courageous and vulnerable leadership which really scares people John doeman Unless you're experiencing a medical condition that could kill you some local fire departments say do not call for an ambulance right now Already hospitals have said to stay away from the ER if you only have mild COVID symptoms Now the Annapolis and Ana rondell county fire departments are asking you to limit 9-1-1 EMS calls only to possible life threatening conditions because of the strain that COVID is placing on EMS personnel The departments say that EMS workers who respond to what are likely mild viral cases may tell you that you should stay at home rather than be taken to the emergency room and they say calling 9-1-1 for an ambulance does not guarantee faster care in the ER John Aaron wtop news Virginia law enforcement officials now think alleged shopping cart killer Anthony Robinson may be responsible for as many as 5 martyrs The mother of one of the victims Cheyenne Brown says she doesn't believe the alleged killer has any remorse In your body For the stuff that you do for you to continue to do it over and over now.

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