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90. You can call you can text us. Carlin is on K. LBJ, 10 25 with Mark and Melinda. Mike Carlin. Good morning. How you doing? Good morning to you both. How? Good morning. Hi so well, I'm calling in regarding the the unemployment. They the ugly subject of the unemployment benefit extension. And, you know, I've been listening to this. You know, for a few weeks now and Melinda, you've kind of been harsh on some of your callers that have called in saying they want that extra 600 to continue. And, well, I do agree on. I feel like the majority of those callers have actually been the younger crowd there, maybe 20. They were in the service industry. They sound like they're not may be established. I don't think we have a mortgage. Sounds like a lot of them. I haven't heard a mention kids they're supporting. So you know, I get that and I think it I think I want a handout. You know, I don't like that. On the flip side. My husband and I were I'm 53 58. We work for the same company. It's a small, family owned business. Small company provides services to trade shows and conventions. And as we know, Trey, chosen conventions can happen. So we we were furloughed. We're not completely let no were furloughed because of our our clients. They've all canceled their trade shows. Of course we're not getting any income from them. Right, Carlin, hold on hold that thought. We need to take a break, but we'll let you get to your point on wrap it up here coming up right after the news, so hang in there. Carlin, 10 26. Now it's news Radio K. L. B. J. It's.

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