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You always run in. That's my favorite song about a rat. And that is about Iraq. The better at. Yeah, see, that's not urban legend. It's a love song to a rat. Yeah. Well, speaking of these dreams, okay, so these dreams, you lead. You're the least. Now, let me ask you this because I remember seeing this. What I was in college, I used to watch VH1 pop up video. Yeah. Did you sing that because Anne was sick or did you just sing it because you wanted to? Oh, well, that was a song. After listening to a whole bunch of demos one day with us studio guy a producer guy to choose which songs we would record by outside writers like everyone had to do. Sure. For a while there in 80s and he's like, this is the last one, but it's interesting song. Words by Bernie Taupin. Really? These dreams like Martin page. Oh wow. I did not know. But it's not obviously not a heart sucking. I heard, yeah, the demo. Was it evident from the demo that it was a special song? Yes. I mean, I just fell for it, like, oh, just like on the video. I feel so hard for that song. And I said, I know that I could sing the song. And, you know, so they're like, no, because Anne's the lead singer and it's confusing to the fans if you look like you're the lead singer all of a sudden. So when we made the video for the song we ever heard of Fleetwood Mac. Yeah. It sounds like a network note that I get for sitcoms. But it really does. But in the video they kind of cheated so that looks kind of like singing it too, and I'm singing it too. I remember that. In fact the reason. In fact, you did that song at the Hollywood Bowl. And I was surprised because and my notion of that song was that because I know you were singing it together. But I had always just assumed here in the sisters. They're putting you up there and they had you both. You know, you're both looking sexy up there and you're doing the whole thing. So I thought that no, we were like, Danny, chill out. But that was what those 80s were. And I have a real affinity. Maybe because I straddled it a little. I mean, I came of age in the 80s, but I was a child in the 70s. But those bands that the ones that made it from 70s into 80s and videos so like I'm thinking about people, everyone from David Bowie to Aerosmith to there were all of these Dire Straits. You know, it was like they're all these bands that genesis into. But that's like reminded me a little bit of like the silent film stars who had can you make it in the talkies? That's right. Do you feel that way when videos started come on? Do they use self conscious? Well, we felt a lot of pressure. Sure. To be to be presented sexy and all the things, you know, the fashion show and the big hair and the big. But did you feel like it was a little like choreographed for y'all before you even got? It was because we were so from the 70s and we were. But all that sort of nature girls. I know. We felt a little bit stuffed into an unfamiliar territory for us. Like when MTV was like 84. No, MTV was 82. Was it 82 that was at 8 82 is when the videos. Yeah, I think we're innovating one, but it was all those kind of video videos before they turned into many films. Yes, yeah. But it was like it was like there was a lot of spandau LA I remember. There was a lot of, I mean, they opened with the buggles. They opened the video till the radio stars. Video. Thank you the radio star. I see a video killing the radio story with it. Like, oh my God, like the aha. You know, oh my God, there was those ones that were. There's a karaoke moment, but ABC had that. Do you remember ABC? Have you seen that poison arrow? All of those Thompson twins and it was like, so there's that whole thing that was called me now. Right around my car, all I listened to were like, 80s, 90s, lithium, backspin. I don't know anything new. Honest to God, I don't think I've ever heard of Taylor Swift song about the cure. I was just listening to never enough on my way in. I just voted for them for The Rock and roll. They so we deserve does Robert Smith still is he still rocking the hair? Not quite as extreme maybe, but it looks like him. In concert though, the cure. So good. But he didn't do much. There's a Friday I mean. Robert Downey stood there on stage. He just stood he just stood there. He didn't have like that, like I've ever seen. Y'all. It was hard and Def Leppard. Oh, yeah. And my sister and I would go like anytime that y'all would come through Houston when I was 11 in Houston. We were always. I mean, we would just that was like our thing. You still have a Houston plate on your car. Oh, I have my Houston Texans foot. Yeah. It's a California thing, but it's a technique. But we would go and I remember like, it definitely leopard. I just remember like, that was my go to song like a boy over. I'm like, oh, really love bites. Oh really? Hey. You wanna watch the crow? Like that was where my moves. I was like, we had making the moves. Every girl girls do that too if you like them, yeah, watch them, you know, like, oh, I would always wear the crow. I don't know why I thought that was my go to the crow to watch. Because he was like rainy and dark. Yeah. I was more angel heart, but going. That's stupid that love bites song. Like everybody has the wind beneath my wings. I love bites on this. Oh yeah. Yeah, that's right. And I remember going in when I was a lead singer saying flippers. Oh. Oh God. I know him too. He had like rhinestones on his converse. Like he came out. But he's the coolest guy there too. And he sounded great. I can't think of it. Just JoJo. Joe Elliot, thank you. I feel like he sounded great. They were one armed by that time. Yeah, the one armed drummer. I was into him Mac when he had two arms. But I had to say like, you know, we were just like sitting there waiting for y'all to come on because by the way, you all sound fantastic. Fantastic. Hold on. Y'all honest to God sound so good. And Amy and I was just reached sit around and the moment Anne would hit like seeing alone or something. Oh my God, when she sings that, it's like everyone is just like this silence comes over. Touchdown. I want to actually talk about this. There's like people from that era who you'll see who and who for what for like their normal people. And when you're normal, certain things degrade, including The Voice. Can often degrade. And you'll see it. I mean, you know, God, he's a fucking genius. He's my favorite. Like, I love him. Elton John. John, John. But, you know, he has to sing everything. He's tuned down most of the songs like at least by a third. Well, he doesn't reach for a lot of the higher. Yeah, yeah, you know, it's that we're there first. And there's other people, but there's two acts that I've ever seen that have a revival. You guys, but first one was because the two people of Thai and Julie from Modern Family were hosting the billboard awards. And Julie Bowen, by the way, was sitting in front of us when we saw. That's right. Concert and Julie boat. She was like, hi. I know. Oh my God. But so I was doing that. And we had a 7 a.m. rehearsal, so there's somebody who had to come out at 7 a.m. and it was Stevie Wonder and Stevie Wonder who is I didn't even know if it was 7 days. But so dark. That's dark. But how old would you say.

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