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As superheroes first responders our teachers and our neighbors helping neighbors and perhaps ironically given my profession Helen Keller he says it is selfishness and complaint pervert the minds with this choice clears and sharpens the vision and on behalf of our family let's look closely at what we can do for others I think we've always done that about as well as anyone anywhere that's the history I see is running today that's what I believe will tell our grandchildren good and now we're going back to the president who's outlining his plan to re open the economy this strategy is based on hard verifiable data I want to thank Dr Burks for her incredible leadership in crafting these guidelines in consultation with scientists experts and medical professionals across government Dr Burks will explain the guidelines in more detail in a few moments then doctor felt she has been absolutely terrific we've all worked together and we've worked together well they are interested in the health of our country and we're all interested in the viability and making us truly great again we took the greatest economy in the history of the world and we closed it in order to win this war and we're in the process of winning it now our approach outlines three phases in restoring our economic life we are not opening all at once but one careful step at a time and some states will be able to open up sooner than others some states are not in the kind of trouble that others around now that we have passed the peak in new cases we're starting our life again we're starting rejuvenation of our economy again in a safe and structured and very responsible fashion our strategy will continue to protect senior citizens and other vulnerable populations while allowing military and other a groups of incredibly talented people to go about their real business and the business that's supposed to be hard at work at doing and nobody does it better our military is the greatest anywhere in the world and we're so thankful for what they've done healthy Americans will now be able to return to work as conditions on the ground a low instead of a blanket shut down we will pursue it focused on sheltering the highest risk individuals so important we're establishing clear scientific metric and benchmarks on testing new case growth and hospital capacity that must be met before advancing to each phase and that's each phase specifically in the re opening of our country this is a gradual process as the caseload in a state continues to go down restrictions can continue to be eased and come off throughout the process citizens will continue to be called upon to use all of their weapons in this war vigorous hygiene teleworking when possible staying at home if you feel sick maintaining social distance sanitizing commonly used surfaces and being highly conscious of their surroundings those are our weapons and they're very powerful weapons in the governors will be empowered to tailor an approach that meets the diverse circumstances of their own states every state is very different they're all beautiful we love them all but they're very very different if they need to remain closed we will allow them to do that and if they believe it is time to re open we will provide them the freedom and guidance to accomplish that task and very very quickly depending on what they wanted to we are also encouraging states to work together to harmonize their regional efforts we'll have numerous cases where states have worked and will be working very very closely together as we re open we know that there will be continued hardships and challenges ahead our goal will be to quickly identify and address any outbreaks and put them out rapidly if the virus returns in the fall as some scientists think it may possibly these guidelines will ensure that our country is up and running so that we can likewise put it out quickly at the heart of our strategy is the vital role of medical research especially for therapies that will significantly improve outcomes for high risk patients and reduce.

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