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It's like it's used to be for the past two three four five six years almost that the innovation that I'm seeing in pretty much every other operating system. That's being that's designed to be used for the keyboard? And attract ped-, I'm not seeing that same movement in the MAC, it's the least exciting desktop in. My office today is probably my MAC. It's the I love my MAC the most. But really, even my raspberry pi is more interesting in so many ways than the MAC desktop is. I just I I really would like to see some sign from apple that they really do care about it that I know there are people who are big fans of the of the MAC and apple I'm sure there are no other people who work very hard on it and who innovate as much as they possibly can. But I just don't see from. That's from the other side of the keynote screen, you know, in the audience looking at what? They choose to present. And what they choose to actually ship. I'm not seeing any level of corporate interest in continuing the max, I think you're I think you're spot on. I think that apple does think that the MAC is we've we are passionate is in IOS devices. However, we have a tradition in desktops. We're not gonna let that die because that's like giving away free money, but we feel that it's most useful as a platform for people to develop things for IOS on or as a alternates to cheap alternative to windows notebooks and chrome books for people who own ipads, and and I phone I just don't see them take about. I don't see them ever doing an ad. That says here is here is a MacIntosh, boom. Here is a competing windows device. Boom. Look how much better the MAC is than this other thing. I just don't see them ever taking that as a point of pride anymore. And I just don't know how that's going to feed. I don't I don't know how not making the MAC better and better and better is gonna make better consumer. Max because you start off making high performance, you know, rockets and then two or three years later, you figure out how to scale that down for actual users. They're just not developing the really really good juicy bits that we've really really need to keep the MAC of the viable thing. Rich siegel. You've been developing for them after twenty five years. You're you're amac Stoller. Do you worry about the future of the MAC at all? I see a lot of Meriden in Andy's points. I think that. I would like.

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