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With it taught rumbling forward to the winnipeg line he's got say hello oh along the jets lost him and he went and worked it from the end of the bed candy was in tight but hello bucks stayed with them and that is the second huge saved by hello buck tuck did a great job to get to that book near boards he took it all away blue light to blue line gets inside the offense and just shifted to the middle that's we're hollow is politics right open up the goaltender hello by going forehandbackhand tried to open up the lakes had nothing of it so earlier against carlson a big shoulder save that way break their composure staying at position makes the stop that's two in a row here third period that time by the two former minnesota wild players off the face off went cody eakin shot at stick save hello body in the winnipeg zone peronne protecting it along the boards shapely hauling him down connor in there too for the jets carpenter chewing up some clock along the near boards wanting to russell the puck up the wall qatar i'll pay head to buffalo and left wing at center he shoots it winds around the flurries mcnabb going over there he tied up wheeler connor got there for the jets tap the deep right to mcnabb mcmahon slides in a long and carpenter tapped down the boards they'll take another icing here clock winding down to five thirty seven remaining in the third period to one vegas in game five this copyrighted broadcast to the stanley cup playoffs is intended solely for the private noncommercial use of our audience and he reproduction retransmission or other use of this broadcast without the express written consent of nbc sports in the national hockey league is strictly prohibited sometimes you have to ice it because you're under pressure that time vegas support on the puck but carpenter couldn't figure it out it's an all the way down ican again this time against paul stankowski to flurries left stassen he kicked.

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