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I am proud of her for finding idle like it's something I wish I could have done like we can talk all day about how women finals in. How like I couldn't find the stupid advantage in all of these these gender things. But Angelina finding the idol was not as impressive as it could have been because she was not a target. So it was kind of like you found an idol. But no one was like keeping an eye on your like, it wasn't like your back was against the wall on you found an idol is just like you just found it. It's it's like so so it wasn't everybody. Looking for the same idle at the same time? Everyone was looking for the same idle, and it's like, I don't know. There's only five of you left. Like, you have one in five chance of finding at like there was so much theater at trail council where it was like she was like an ripped my leggings falling down from this Rockwall is like an Allison was like. Yeah. And then I walked up on her planting a fake idol. And I knew it was fake like it was just very so watching the episode the funniest per for me was seeing her talk about. Like that. She wanted to draw votes on herself. So she could like artificially save herself. Because to me that was the funny thing was it was like when she pulled out the idol. Nobody was like Homa gosh. Like, she just like Kelly Wentworth like cancelled nine votes against. Oh, like, no one has targeted Angelina since the final eleven so like K found like a a magic, you know. It's like you found an Easter egg. Okay. Like, it doesn't like matter like it was like one right hunt. But like, you weren't endanger. So like, it's like it. That's the thing where it's like survivor resumes. Right to resumes, really matter is it like check one in immunity. Check founded idle if you didn't really need it like does that really matter to me. I don't know to me. It wasn't like like super impressive. I still wanted to like give her shout out for like, hey, congrats your woman who found an idol. 'cause I knew it was something like meta. We had talked about right? Like that. We knew like women found idols less often. But I was also like the really three women left at the final five. And like everyone was looking for the thing is note that the time when she found an idol was when it was sort of like allowed allowable for everyone to be searching for an idol. So talk about idle dynamics, I think the reason why women have harder time finding idle is not like as not because like we're worse at finding things. Like, whatever it's because like social dynamics make it more awkward for us to leave camp. Like, if you leave campus a woman, it's very like people notice 'cause it's like people are like, well, what's she doing like, she's what she not bringing back firewater. Even if I mean, I would go all the time and look for firewood look for an idol. But it would be like it was just a weird thing. It's just like a cultural thing where if a guy was missing he would come back, and you'd be like, I don't I don't know what the hell he was doing like, oh, it's Davey. He was like catching geckos like that's not like a wind shit like survival activity, but David would come back and be like Kat four geckos. They're like in this sock that I'm hanging off my chest..

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